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  • Elise S2 door waist seals

    Hi  I am currently looking at the possibility of getting a number of Elise s2 door waist seal made up. I have sought a manufacturer that is able to produce but requires considerable investment in tooling and getting first batch in stock. This all came about after trying to source a seal for my S2 111, difficult to find and crazy prices. Also believe the same seals can be used on the Vauxhall vx220. would anybody out there be interested, will be trying to get them on the market for less

    Richard ward
    Richard ward
    General Talk 36

    Leaking Hood on 2015 Lotus Elise 220

    Has anyone suffered a leaking roof and if so, where is it coming from. The leak appeared last weekend at the wet Silverstone Classic. The rain was steady and persistent but not by any mean torrential when drips started falling from the area of the sun visor on the passenger side. A few moments later the same happened on the driver's side. Stuffing paper tissue up where the visor hinge sits soaked it up alright as a temporary measure. There is no sign of any rubber deterioration along the gutter

    Technical Talk 1

    Insurance including track days

    Hi, I’m after insurance that covers track days but don’t know what a reasonable cost would be. For a benchmark a years premium with my current insurer Directline is £281. The cheapest on Compare the market is £240. So cheap in my opinion. This is for insurance on a 2021 Elise Cup 250, I’m 40, live in Belper, 5000 miles per year. Obviously Directline et al. don’t cover track days so I’ve been ringing round the specialist insurers. So far - Henderson Taylor - wouldn’t quote as

    General Talk 9

    Isle of Mann

    Afternoon all. has anyone ever taken there lotus fo the IOM? I will be visiting this year to see my Godson who is just starting a new job as a helicopter pilot on the island and trying to work out of the ferry price is worth it over sleazy jet to have use of the car over there ?? cheers rich

    Touring 9


    Hi All, I used to frequent these parts and thought I’d say Hi! My Elise came home after a long refresh. So nice to have it back.    Hope you are all doing well! Stu and Bucket (the Elise)

    General Talk 20
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