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  1. Bicester Bodyshop did a very good job on my 111R front clam a few years back. They handled all the paint jobs for Brooke Kensington when Simon was there.
  2. Yes, big thumbs up for Gav at Unit 4 and also PJS.
  3. Welcome from another ex-111R owner (now Elise Heritage Edition - see below). Picture of your new car looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing it.
  4. Hi. You don't say what mileage the car has done, but it looks as if the driver's seat has quite a but of wear, compared to the pass seat which looks quite fresh - nothing unusual there as we've all found, passengers bring weight and slow the car down somewhat! It might just need a bit more padding. I found the Probax seats in my old 111R (2006) very comfy, we went all over, Spain x2, Italy etc etc. Give it a little longer. Allon White's trim shop gets good reviews. PJS Sportscars in Burton on Trent have a trimmer they use, so while he's not on site, it might be worth popping in to see wha
  5. A few years ago I had a trackday booked at Cadwell Park in March or April and it snowed like fury 3 days beforehand. We lived in Brassington at the time (Derbyshire backwater on the side of a hill, if you don't know it) and all 3 roads out were 5 foot deep in snow. After the farmers ploughed a route out, in a Shogun we had at the time I was eye level with the top of the snow. I called Jo who ran LoT back then to say I couldn't get out of the village in the Lotus and she accused me of being a wimp. Suitably chastised, I gave it a go in the Elise and it felt like doing a bobsleigh run, all I cou
  6. Hi. Two thoughts. Firstly the door may have dropped slightly on its hinges and need a small adjustment. Secondly, look at getting an Elemental shower cap. I have one and it keeps the hood dry and overlaps the top of the doors but not the bodywork (apart from the roll bar cover). Not sure if its advisable for long term fix, and the photo in this link is pretty poor, but I've been very pleased with mine. See: https://www.hangar111.com/lotus/elemental-shower-caps/ Good luck!
  7. I still maintain that if I can get into the car then it will all be worthwhile. When I can't get into an Elise I may have to look at an Evora....
  8. Interesting topic. In the 111R (since replaced by a Heritage Edition 220 Sport) I always found the seating position really comfortable even when the car was nearly 15 years old. The new car should therefore be an improvement - right? Well not exactly. It's OK for an hour or so, but then becomes less comfortable. Have Lotus shortened the base of the seat? The adjustment bar is now clearly visible (wasn't before) and there doesn't seem to be any support just before the knee? This suggests the seat base is actually shorter by maybe a couple of inches. I need to find an older car to measure u
  9. Yes I am glad my car has the 'old' logo, but 2 different logos, one for the car and one for the signage/letterheads - surely not! Interesting.
  10. So over 12 months ago (August 19) , Lotus announced a revamp of the logo: This month (October 2020) I took delivery of a new Heritage Edition Elise. Here's the bonnet badge: So the question is: 1) Was my car made last year and just hung around waiting for a quiet period to launch it? 2) Did Lotus decide not to use the new logo after a backlash from UsLot? 3) Are the stocks of badges so high that we
  11. Well, she's here at last! Worth the wait, and boy does this colour combo look good! Not a colour scheme for those who want to blend into the background! So far: Not missing all the rattles and squeaks from the old car, but maybe they will join me later? Seats comfy and grip better, not as quiet as I thought it would be (previous car had Stage 1 exhaust), feels more solid and handles road imperfections better, plenty of 'go' (the 111R didn't wake up till 5750 was on the rev counter), and Mrs J has noticed the passenger footrest is no longer there (this item being attended to...).
  12. The 111R has to go I'm afraid. Not enough space in the garage for 2 Elise's plus the Jag. Connor is taking the 111R and apparently intends to retail it out himself. It's been a stunning car, I'm hoping the new one will be just as good, if not better!
  13. To lift any risk of Covid related depression I popped over to our friends at Central Lotus in Nottingham last week and ordered a Heritage Edition Elise in Essex Blue. I was tempted by the Red one but those not paying attention might not have noticed the difference! Changing the 111R after 14 years will be a bit of a wrench but Connor over at Central made it a fairly easy process. A 12 month gap between taking a test drive of a 220 Sport last August and anticipated delivery date in September probably doesn't break any records but it must be close! Thanks Connor. Just have to wait a
  14. Only known Gav for 2 years, so I have obviously got a long wait for a cuppa then... Mind you a young lady did come along one day I was there and asked me if I wanted an ice cream, so I guess that will have to count then!
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