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  1. She's an F1 fan too! Done a bit on bikes and karts in her time. What a girl!
  2. I felt exactly the same. PJS plus other service agencies have been very good for both customers and the Lotus brand. We have been here many times before, with dealerships given notice under Bahir etc and yet no-one in Hethel seems to learn. Of course with the rate of turnover in MD's it will be someone else's problem, but you have to say thank goodness for the independent service businesses (including PJS and also Gav at Unit4) who will go from strength to strength because of the service they give customers.
  3. Good to see that you're looking after the old girl properly Luke!
  4. Aah it has a boot. All 151 Ltrs of it! That means I can drive it to the Italian passes... ..... all I need now is a soft-top (not sure it will get one of those though!)
  5. At least it's not a Volvo engine....
  6. Waiting for more details... Slightly worried that it may not have a boot ("you can put 2 soft bags behind the seats")
  7. hartleyj

    Isle of Mann

    I seem to remember when a group of us went from Liverpool in 2010 the loading staff were very good at placing additional wooden ramps etc to alleviate the problem. I recall we all snaked on one wheel at a time! Must have looked hilarious to the (waiting) queue behind us!
  8. If you decide to stick with Yokohama's, don't waste your time & money trying to find "LTS" variants. Lotus stopped fitting those a few years back (apparently due to 'noise' issues!). From personal recent experience, trying to find specific spec tyres is a nightmare. Blackcircles claimed to have what I was looking for, took the money, then emailed to say they didn't have it and refunded the payment. Same issue for the Lotus (1x puncture) and Jaguar (4x unbelievably ancient, just had to replace them!). Thank goodness the Michelin's for the motorhome were available... Yes it's been
  9. On my 111R i ran Yoko's and ended up with 23 front and 26 rear. This is 3psi lower than Lotus recommend, but I found over a couple of sets of tyres that 26/29 resulted in wearing out the centre of the contact patch of the tyre. 23/26 fixed that. Before everyone jumps in, my tyre gauge is a calibrated professional unit (which just happens to read the same as the other 2 halfords cheapo's). Anyway, 23/26 fixed the issue!
  10. You will probably get some leaks at some stage. An outdoor cover probably isn't practical because for ANY cover (indoor or out) the car MUST be clean before you put the cover on. You might investigate an Elemental cover for the roof, windscreen and top of the windows. Not expensive. This would protect the soft top (from bird droppings?) and also stop leaks in via the window/roof join. Also, parking needs to be level. I parked on a significant uphill drive once in France and it threw it down overnight and the rain overcame the drainage channels in the engine cover, and the boot was soaked
  11. hartleyj


    I wish I believed that it would have that sort of pedigree, and whilst the Toyota 3.5 V6 is almost a dead cert, my money for the smaller engined option is, unfortunately, on a Volvo unit. I appreciate that this doesn't sit well with the 'world-renowned' engine builder, but a one-off engine from, say, Cosworth for likely Lotus volumes for only 5-6 years isn't going to make financial sense for the engine builder. So therefore it has to follow that it will be an existing engine already produced in volume. Geely probably haven't got an equivalent of the Toyota V6 so they are probably happy to let
  12. And don't get me started on the difficulty in getting a new front tyre after I picked up a piece of flint in the only-done-1200-miles Yokohama Advan Sport. Yokohama have 200 arriving shortly and have 211 on backorder.... Managed to get one from B&C eventually. Tyres seem to be really difficult in specific compounds, now having nightmares trying to get hold of Pirelli's for the XK. Gave up and decided to switch brands rather than wait 4 weeks for Pirelli to make and ship the next batch... Grrr...
  13. A better thought is, will it fit properly? Not happy with mine but the guys at PJS have done the best they can, and it is better than it was. But the real question is why is it not as least as good as the one on the 111R I purchased 15 years ago? Some rascal who shall be nameless suggested it's because they are now sourced from India, and "They're all like that , Sir" Only a Lotus after all........
  14. Items on 'backorder' already too numerous to list, unfortunately...
  15. Bicester Bodyshop did a very good job on my 111R front clam a few years back. They handled all the paint jobs for Brooke Kensington when Simon was there.
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