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  1. The 111R has to go I'm afraid. Not enough space in the garage for 2 Elise's plus the Jag. Connor is taking the 111R and apparently intends to retail it out himself. It's been a stunning car, I'm hoping the new one will be just as good, if not better!
  2. To lift any risk of Covid related depression I popped over to our friends at Central Lotus in Nottingham last week and ordered a Heritage Edition Elise in Essex Blue. I was tempted by the Red one but those not paying attention might not have noticed the difference! Changing the 111R after 14 years will be a bit of a wrench but Connor over at Central made it a fairly easy process. A 12 month gap between taking a test drive of a 220 Sport last August and anticipated delivery date in September probably doesn't break any records but it must be close! Thanks Connor. Just have to wait a few more months now....
  3. hartleyj

    Need Your Help

    111R I've had mine from new since 2006. It's been incredibly reliable (holds breath!) with very little apart from routine maintenance. Disks, pads, remote control unit and routine servicing has been the sum total over 61,000 miles. I am currently mulling over moving on to a 220 Sport, only because of the extra low down torque. If you do look at a 111R, the sport chip upgrade (circa £400) blends the transition to the second cam much more smoothly than the standard version. I expect most will have had this done by now.. The values seem to be on the up, but I expect your budget will put you in a good one. Happy hunting!
  4. Only known Gav for 2 years, so I have obviously got a long wait for a cuppa then... Mind you a young lady did come along one day I was there and asked me if I wanted an ice cream, so I guess that will have to count then!
  5. How many track days can I manage to do this year?

  6. Decided it was time to get to know a few local owners. Based near Ashbourne. Hi All!

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