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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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  • New Track Wheels & Tyres Set

    Just picked these up. Very happy with them. Great to have a wet and dry set of W&T for the track. And being the press forged wheel set, strong and light.

    General Talk 4

    Having a Bad Day ?

    After a fab Midlands Tick run yesterday my car went to alloy refurb at a local guy who has a good review. Arrived at the site only to find my locking wheel nut was missing, I find out it was still at central lotus workshop!  so I had to drive all the way from south Hinckley to Notts and back again given also hold up on M1 to deal with.  When I arrived at Central they found my lock nut and then suggested I get my alloys refurb at their specialists which saved me driving all way back and mat

    General Talk 12

    135 cams on a K... would anyone be up for helping?

    Hi Guys,   Recently purchased a set of 135 cams to go in my standard 1.8k (2001 S2). I'm no mechanic but i've done most things on this car but never anything inside the engine (changed the belt and waterpump but that's outside!) Part of me thinks that I'd try and carefully muddle through, but I wondered if anyone who has done it before would be kind enough to assist / oversee? I'm really set on doing it myself rather than giving the car to a garage as I'm always trying to learn an

    Technical Talk 1

    Exige S Exhaust

    My Exige S does not have the little button on the LHS of the steering column to manually switch the exhaust from normal to loud!  Does it do this automatically when it gets over a certain rpm?  Or do I have a non-switchable exhaust (if such a thing exists?) Would dearly love my car to sound like the Evora GT410 I followed a few weeks ago. 😛

    Technical Talk 9

    F**king Rant Incoming……..

    I’m a really straight forward kind of guy. What you see is what you get. What I don’t stand for is shit service. My car went back to Lotus to have a few niggles ironed out. If it could be fixed by tightening or adjusting then no problem. However, when something needed replacing, forget it!!  It’s not covered by Lotus warranty and has been rejected. So after less than 3 months of ownership, I am looking down the barrel of a few grand for a new headlight where some of the LED lights have failed (r

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