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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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  • Lakes District

    Guys, I am planning a break in the lakes district for a chill drive taking in the views. I am wondering if anyone has driven all the popular passes in an S2 Exige? Any I should skip for sure? Cheers

    Touring 13

    Tyre Quandry - New Elise

    I went to see a ‘new’ Lotus today. It was bloody lovely. It’s a 15 plate so around 8-9 years old. Fitted to it were Yoko Advans AD07 front and rear. The front ones were 175/55R16 which you can’t get anymore (195/50R16 seems to be the option for fronts). Either way, by my man-maths, the tyres must be as old as the car. The date stamp on one of the fronts and one of the rears was 4814 so made end of Nov ‘14. The previous owner tracked it a lot so I’m assuming he used a 2nd set of wheels/tyres and

    Technical Talk 15

    S1 Type 49 Elise Refresh

    And so the winter refresh of my S1 Elise started today. Hoping to take front clam of tomorrow. However of the 4 lower bolts that hold the lower rear to the chassis, 2 are spinning and 2 won't budge despite copious amounts of penetrative oil over the last few months. The Eagle eyed will spot my Dremel tool which I'm not looking forward to using to remove 4 bolt heads that have limited access. Currently on my list are replacing the driving lights brackets, shot blast and paint the tow post, n

    Technical Talk 214

    S3 Elise Brakes

    Since owning my Elise 240 Final Edition I've felt that the brakes weren't the best. Seemed to lack initial bite and lacked "feel" through the pedal. Over the past few weeks I've had 2 occasions when driving in the rain where I've gone to brake and found there to be very little there, had to press the pedal a few times and wondered whether I was going to stop in time - not a comfortable feeling. As I'd never been keen on the feel of the brakes I always planned to change the pads at some poin

    Technical Talk 5

    Lotus in the Peak 2024

    Here we go A Fantastic prize Donated for this years 'Lotus in the Peak' Raffle an 'A' Service or equivalent for your Lotus by Gav at Unit4 , Gav has supported 'Lotus in the Peak for many years , and is always there to help any Lotus owner. Thanks Gav for information of this years Event Please follow the link below https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/litpbooking/  

    General Talk
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