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  1. Feels proper now, had the 1000-mile service carried out at Central Lotus today. Then when got home finally got round to going into the dash preferences to set time to 24hr, its the little things, right? Now to fully explore the power delivery 😀
  2. Great pic, looks very similar, that sort of thing really adds to the whole ownership experience. I'm booked in fro the 1000-mile service on Friday, on 905 now so just the drive up to Central Lotus to do. Check all OK then time to fully experience everything it has to offer 😃
  3. Accommodation booked in Matlock Bath. Looking forward to it.
  4. Funnily enough that did cross my mind, and I worked out the walking time on Google maps ðŸĪŠ
  5. You guys move quick - accommodation in the area is being booked up fast. Managed to get somewhere in Matlock Bath booked, so I have no excuses. New to Lotus ownership (1 week 😂) so really looking forward to this.
  6. Probably use it for a business trip on Thursday too, just because I can 😀 So looking to be around 650-700 miles by the end of the first week of ownership. Best to get the running in over and done with before winter I think.
  7. Thanks, I love it. Went through many colour combinations in the configurator before locking a decision in. Managed 370 miles in first day and a half, so well on the way. More to come later in the week hopefully.
  8. Collected from Central Lotus on Saturday lunchtime after some quite horrendous driving conditions to get there! The sun came out whilst completing paperwork and handover so managed to get these on the way back home.
  9. Certainly will, although forecast is for very wet conditions
  10. So Saturday is finally collection day 😀
  11. Went to see it today mid-PPF wrapping. And yep, looks so good in the flesh. Wanted to drive it home, but just have to be patient for a little while longer ... ...
  12. Colour was tricky choice. Love the Lotus yellow, but had just come out of a dandelion yellow Evo V. Spent quite a bit of time looking on the configurator at various options. Very pleased with the pic sent, red and black just works for me but not a huge fan of black wheels generally, had silver in mind from looking at a 220 before but with the 240 options thought anthracite would suit it well. Just can't wait to get driving it.
  13. More pics will follow collection 😄
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