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Now I've sorted the handling and tyres on my Elise, I can finally start to fine tune some bits that I don't particularly like.  My Elise has a Larini exhaust fitted (which I really like).  However, it has a twin tail pipe (titanium) which sits under the rear diffuser.  I'd prefer to have an Oval one which sits more flush with the hole in the diffuser.  Do I......

1.  Get a new exhaust from Larini along the lines of what I want.

2.  Take the car to someone to get the tailpipes replaced?

I'm sure I'd have no problem selling the exhaust as is and buying a replacement.  Can anyone send me pictures of what they have fitted to their Elise to give me some ideas.  Mine looks like this......

FYI - I have a Elise with 1ZZ Toyota engine fitted.




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To bring this post to a conclusion, I decided to keep the exhaust I had and buy a 5 element diffuser (Hanger 111) which is slightly longer than the standard one and also ‘boxes’ the exhaust nicely. As with most jobs, it took longer than planned (hence pictures in dark and fitment by halogen lights!!). I also know why some people fit quick release bolt to their diffusers!  How many bolts!!!!   

I’m really pleased with how it has turned out. The rubber edging is black even though it looks grey in the photos. I like the black anodised finish rather than the standard silver  fits nicely with the rest of the car  




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6 minutes ago, DeanB said:

Looks nice. I have one of those but mine has no edging on it.

I bought the edging separately (it was bloody expensive). I think it would look great with or without it. 

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