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  1. Can see it now, might see you about I am just down the road near Bottesford.
  2. I think this is a common problem with the s 2 Exige has your car a aftermarket air filter on it, Mine does the same now and again it helps if the air intake is cleaned, I heard if an aftermarket filter is used with too much oil it can cause this. Mine has been checked by several different garages and they have not found anything wrong.
  3. collieek

    A52 Skegness

    Yes on the B road then head to Bardney and across to Horncastle.
  4. collieek

    A52 Skegness

    OK no problem I am at work until the 2 July but I will send you the route, I am not sure how these runs are organised is there some legal requirements because it goes through the forum?
  5. collieek

    A52 Skegness

    There are better routes across the Lincolnshire Wolds, Lincoln, Poterhamworth, Horncastle then up to Guy Martin country is a nice run. The A 52 is not much fun and usually quite busy. I was thinking of suggesting a run across Lincolnshire instead of the usual peaks outings the roads are a lot quieter.
  6. No unfortunately car has been off the road for a year or so while I fitted the electric water pump and the original front clam. Big mystery how the screen has been damaged think it might have had damage and it just went with the cold during the winter.
  7. I have found a couple of people quite local who will supply and fit at my house both have experience, between 360 and 500 depending on glass manufacturer. Autoglass wanted 1100 to start with then came down to 800.
  8. The clam is off at the moment I have just had the original one painted so it is just screen supply and fit. I have found a couple of people who sound ok one in Lincoln and one from Mansfield who will come out to my house. The screen is for my S1.
  9. Can anyone recommend a competent windscreen fitter who will come out to your house and replace a screen? I am not going through the insurance company.
  10. I did the Midland tick run yesterday late afternoon. Initially just went up to Bingham to dry the brakes after washing. Then got carried away as the roads were so quiet.
  11. From what I remember on the plastic cover there is a metal locating tag on the back that you slide one way then back to hold it in place. Might not be strong enough to stay in place with gauges. You could make the plate a bit bigger then use riv nuts, can get rubber ones that are used for motorbike fairings.
  12. Just get a piece of ally to fit in place of the plastic blank then put the gauge in that, not that easy to see though. The gauge pods that sit near the interior light are better.
  13. I am home for the 2nd 3 rd and 16,17 of May. Then working for the other dates.
  14. Depending on dates I would be interested as well.
  15. Just a thought on making them longer it is not easy to cut them back without deforming the metal insert. You will also expose that metal an then it will rust quicker.
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