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  1. I am looking for a scissor lift for the garage and just wondered if anyone had any experience with these, I am fed up of sitting on the floor bending over trying to work on the car. Thanks Paul
  2. The Duke of Rutland might have something to say about that😁
  3. Nice picture think I might head over and borrow your location.
  4. Nice looking car look foreword to seeing it in the flesh. Just my luck stuck at work missing the good weather and a few runs out.
  5. As above definitely check the inlet manifold. I had a similar leak and found the inlet manifold loose, It was spitting back into the air box as well when blipping the throttle. Mine was leaking from the cam belt side.
  6. Well done 20 mins on the tread mill is enough for me.
  7. Good run today not much traffic sausage sandwich was up to the usual standard and the sun was out. Nice to see everyone again cheers guys. Mark one of those photos has got to make it into this years calendar.
  8. I have to agree the roads are terrible, one that is of interest for those on the tick run is from Bingham to Langer. I was out on the MTB the other day and there are some big holes not only at the side but in the middle of the road as well.
  9. It will be interesting to see where this pops up for sale and how much it is advertised for. .
  10. OK I did not realize it was that one, I remember Luke leading our group on the run for Lotus in the Peak in it. Shall we say very enthusiastic driving it goes really well. The colour suits it.
  11. That looks nice where did you get the barge boards from?
  12. Very nice interior really sets it off with the open gear change.
  13. Just rebuilt the gear box on this, just a few bits to replace then see if it runs.
  14. Happy New Year to everyone lets hope we can get back to normal and we have a summer like last year.
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