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  1. Yes mine as well, I am fitting a GD water pump and just need to wire it in now but I am not to good with electrics. I am going to summon the courage and try when I get home next week.
  2. Hi I tried the above and it works good tip thanks. On the brake light switch I had knocked it while searching for a live wire and this had caused it to stay on, I did not notice as it had a cover over the back. All sorted thanks for the help.
  3. Hi I just went to the car S1 Exige and the battery is dead flat found the brake lights are on all the time. So I have two questions for the massive. Which other cars have the same brake light switch so I can get one from a motor factor. The other is what is the best way to recharge an Odessy Battery with only 2.8 volts. My trickle charger will not work with anything less than 4 v. Thanks PC
  4. collieek

    Elam M100 - Yellow stripes

    A company called Blue Print in Colwick will fit them as well.
  5. collieek

    Caffeine and Machine

    We went a few weeks ago to try and sort an interesting route for a run. We payed £5 and got a couple of drinks. Was not that busy but the weather was pretty bad. We went down using some of the Midlands tick run to Bingham to Market Harbrough then across to the Fosse way. I would be up for a run just trying to get the time at the moment. If there are quite a few people interested the guy there said it would be best to call first.
  6. collieek

    2019 Exige Purchase

    I would recommend keeping until the summer to sell. Best to buy in the winter and sell in the summer. Just do your homework on prices and do not be in a rush.
  7. collieek

    Le Mans Clasic 2018 Laps (3)

    At 10: 00 mins you drive past our car parked on the left you must have been out in the same session that morning. Black exige.
  8. collieek

    Spa Historic 2018

    Yes likewise it was nice to have a chat. Funny how we all have the same ideas and must have just missed each other at Le Mans and Duxford with Kurt. I will be interested in a trip to Spa as well we can get together and sort out a plan.
  9. collieek

    Spa Historic 2018

    I did the Le Mans classic this year as well. I would be interested in a trip to Spa next year if anyone wants to get together for a drive over. Could get together at LITP on Sunday.
  10. collieek

    Spa Historic 2018

    We were there as well did the track laps on the Sat morning, the nice weather helped as well. Sadly only made it back to Rouen though. The alarm and immobiliser stopped talking to each other after filled with petrol. We had to get the train back to Paris then get the Eurostar back. It was quite an adventure when we look back on it but not one to repeat. By the time we got back home we had been up 30 hours. Hope you get the car back for this weekend, there,s the breakfast run on Sunday if you are free.
  11. collieek

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    Your car had just arrived as I was leaving yesterday, you have done a brilliant job looks almost too good to use.
  12. collieek

    Spa Historic 2018

    Some good pictures thanks Kurt got me in the mood for the Le Mans classics now. Hope to catch up with you at LITP the following weekend.
  13. collieek


    Sorry to see that Kurt hope you get it repaired quickly and back on the road. The traffic is a nightmare around Newark at the moment.
  14. collieek

    Door waist seals - any interest?

    If you get sorted I will be interested in buying a set.
  15. collieek



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