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  1. I did the Midland tick run yesterday late afternoon. Initially just went up to Bingham to dry the brakes after washing. Then got carried away as the roads were so quiet.
  2. From what I remember on the plastic cover there is a metal locating tag on the back that you slide one way then back to hold it in place. Might not be strong enough to stay in place with gauges. You could make the plate a bit bigger then use riv nuts, can get rubber ones that are used for motorbike fairings.
  3. Just get a piece of ally to fit in place of the plastic blank then put the gauge in that, not that easy to see though. The gauge pods that sit near the interior light are better.
  4. I am home for the 2nd 3 rd and 16,17 of May. Then working for the other dates.
  5. Depending on dates I would be interested as well.
  6. Just a thought on making them longer it is not easy to cut them back without deforming the metal insert. You will also expose that metal an then it will rust quicker.
  7. Thanks for the replies, it looks like a lithium batt is a bad idea I will stick with an Odyessy.
  8. Hi I am looking for peoples experience with lithium batteries. I am thinking of fitting one to my S1. I have seen the thread from 2016 and wondered how the batteries performed. Thanks Paul
  9. Same here the work I had done was carried out professionally and with no problem.
  10. I just had some work done at PJS and cannot fault them.
  11. Blimey Kurt I don,t know what to say just my heart goes out too you all.
  12. If you are drilling another hole it is no more hassle to drill out the old riv nut. You have to get the undrtray off to fit a riv nut properly anyway.
  13. Just be careful of the state of the roads you can be on nice smooth tarmac go round a bend and then you are straight onto a cart track with massive pot holes. One stretch near Loch Carron sticks in my mind, big artics coming the other way on a single track stretch just big pot holes everywhere.
  14. I had the same problem, solved it by jamming a large long screwdriver against the riv nut. If you take a wheel off the side that is the problem you should be able to see the top of the riv nut that is spinning. Easier if you can get someone to keep pressure on the screwdriver while you undo the bolt. Once the diffuser is off drill out the old one the rivnuts and tools to fit them are not expensive.
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