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What’s it worth?

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Hi all 

I think I’m going to have to sell my Elise just after some advice on what you think it’s worth. It’s an 05 111s done 44k I’ve just had the cam belt done service gear box oil etc. I have a hard top and a Larini exhaust with it not currently fitted. 

Any advice would be appreciated.




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Posted (edited)

Offer it to WillB and Jono Seal - they will both probably bid about £2K below a private sale asking price. It's a very good indicator :tup:

Prices are all over the place at the moment but as a total guess I would say around £16-17K? (I'm no expert!)

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I think Dunc is in the right ballpark if the condition is good and so on

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As ever with cars, it is worth slightly less than you hope, but a lot more than the dealers and internet sharks want to pay.!!

I would clean and polish it to a high standard, take some good pics in a nice location, be honest and extensive with info in your advert and advertise on autotrader or pistonheads for £15995 if you want to sell before summer, or £16500/750 if you dont mind it hanging about on the sales sites for a couple of months whilst the "right " buyer comes along.

The elise is well sort after, but a niche market. folks just wanting a summer sports car can buy a decent boxster S for 9k (i did last summer and love it btw) but lotus enthusiasts are a bit more of a rare breed (thankfully!) so might sell in a day or 3/4 months.

Good luck with the sale, what are you replacing it with ??



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Mine was valued at 17500 last month by one of the dealers mentioned above, that was for agreed value insurance purposes. 

Mine is an 02 no a/c or electric stuff, fsh, one previous owner with 28k on it, full suspension refresh 3k miles ago, ally rad, spitfire toe links. I’ve had a few over the years so any weak points have been sorted rusty fixings etc.

I’d sell the Larini and hardtop separately as they add little to sale values and are worth more in the classified ads/eBay or by separate negotiation.

They’re becoming more sort after and good 111s’s  are getting hard to find, if it’s spot on I’d be putting up at 17k with room for negotiation. As Rich says above depends how quick you want to sell.

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