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Another Unit 4 Thumbs Up

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Yep top job again from Gav.  Completed a service & MOT for me today, plus diagnosed/repaired an intermittent problem I've had which has bugged me and the car for a while.  Very happy!

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340R will be with Gav on Friday for a full service and cambelt.


He helped with my Brother's car a couple of months back and he's just dropped his new (second hand but new to him) car with Gav again today. Not unusual until your told he actually lives in London!

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How many miles this year, Leigh ?


Erm, dunno. Possibly a couple of hundred.........blush.png


Will check when I take in on Fri. Mind you weather was supposed to be dry on Friday but now they reckon it will still be raining.

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With the exception of cambelts, for the last 12+ years I have performed all the general maintenance/upgrades on my Type 49 but when my clutch recently developed a creak from within the bellhousing the thought of a gearbox removal was a step too far. So after a prelim visit to Gav at Unit 4 for his diagnosis I subsequently dropped my car off with him on Saturday for a new AP clutch assembly. Today it was ready for collection again, fully sorted. A much softer feel to the clutch now and best of all no creak smile.png

Thanks Gav for a top job and quick turnround thumbs_up.gif

I'll be sure to use your services again in the future

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Top marks again to GAV at unit 4

I called in on spec on Monday and would like to thank GAV for his hospitality not only is he the knowledge on all things Lotus he treated me to lunch ( with a nice sandwich and hot brew) now you don't get many garages do that


GAV's the man





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