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  1. I am doing a few upgrades and am looking at an upgrade only for my hill climbs, for road use I use Yokohama AD08 all round standard size, standard wheels. For the hill climbs I run standard wheels with Toyo R888R they are fantastic on the front over sized by 10. Its time for some new rears, so the question is do I stay standard at 225 or do I go 235, 245 I know the wider ones will give me more grip but the R888R give lots more grip anyway and if I go wider will it upset something else? Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry for delay been away. This only fits the old Cobra system but thanks anyway. Lotus have said the part may (ha ha) be here by the end of May I will believe it when I see it.
  3. I have read quite a bit on this but can't really decide what is best, leave my s2 sc suspension alone, go for Nitron and if so which ones? Or do I go for something else? The car is used for 95% Road and 5% hillclimb sprint. Thanks in advance
  4. Well I have had the discs and yellow stuff pads fitted now for the last 500 miles and so far so good.
  5. Hi all my key fobs failed a few months ago and I replaced the unit, job done. Now the new unit has failed, Lotus are going to send me a new one which is fine but they are on back order with no ETA. is there any way other then trying to enter the code which does not work as the unit will not even begin to take the code and you cant keep entering it every time you get in the car any way that I can remove or wire out the immobilizer so I can use the car. I understand its not really the sort of info that wants to be made public but if someone know what to do can they PM me please, I want to use the car and knowing Lotus this could take a long time. Thanks in advance
  6. After lots of looking around I have gone for the Ultimax turbo and yellow stuff mainly because I couldn't believe the price from Elise parts just over £400 for a full set of 4. I will fit them in a few weeks as doing a sprint next week end so won't have time to run them in. Thanks for all your help I will let you know how I get on with them.
  7. Hi all I am still struggling with this problem. It's a 2009 elise the key is diamond shaped with 3 buttons one being the lotus logo. I have found some info with lots of on's and off's and flashing leds but it doesn't seem to work the way it should but then it does say for an Evora, I can't seem to find the exact info for this car and key set up. It's a pfk system and I have the correct 5 digit code. There is loads of info on the old Cobra system which is all that the owners manual covers as well. I don't want to just order a new part before I have tried a reprogram first.
  8. Thanks I will give Gav a ring.
  9. Hi it's the time for new discs and pads so do I go ebc ultimax turb discs and yellow stuff pads around at £420 or standard Pagid all round at £225 from euro car parts.The car is 95% Road use and 5% hill climb sprint will they be £200 better? Or should I look at something else? I have found the standard brakes not to bad up till the last few miles and that's because they are pretty shot. Thanks for any advice.
  10. This is very strange and I have no idea???? I opened the car as normal with the fob and drove to work today but then the lock button on the fob would not work the immobilizer light lit after a short time as normal which the open button reset as normal but still no lock button. I thought it may be the actual button so when I got home I got the spare key out and this is the really strange bit its working in the exact the opposite way it will lock of this fob but wont unlock, so now I have to use both keys one will only lock it and the other will only unlock it. I've changed the battery just in case but as I expected there's no difference, I don't think its the keys. Has anyone ever seen this and whats the repair? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all does any one have or know where I can get the live data for the Toyota SC at idel? The reason for this is the tick over is rough and under 3000rpm its flat its almost like your in the wrong gear till it gets to 3000 a bit like there is no supercharger, I've took the battery off for 24hrs and put some injector cleaner through just in case. It works fine after 3000rpm and pulls well straight through. It feels almost like it may be an air lek problem? Thanks in advance.
  12. Champagne and caviar all the way thanks Colin
  13. Hi all well I went to see Gav at unit 4 for a service and as so many have said great service and a really nice guy thumbs up.