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  1. Thanks all sorted it😁 Took the dash apart and it turned out the plug had come loose in the back of the clocks. Pulled it out a spray of cleaner put it back in and bingo. Thanks again.
  2. Hi all after yesterday’s outing I’ve got in the car this morning and the instrument cluster lights are out on an 2010 S2 are they bulbs or led’s also seems a bit strange that I assume there is mor then one and they are all out? Before I strip it down any info please I can’t seem to find much about the Illumination side. Thanks
  3. Sorry but having real problems with wheels and tyres. I have a set of S2 wheels around 2006 they are 5.5J with no rubber on so I was going to get them done black and get some new Yokohama on them but you can only fit up to 195 on that rim width and they don’t make 195 in 175, 185 or 195 in 16”. I am assuming that my standard SC wheels are wider? If they are then I can fit 205 on the front which they do in 16” if that’s the case could I leave the car on the rims on a block of wood while I get the SC wheels done black or will it damage the wheels. Due to the jacking problems is the any where yo can leave the car on stands with out damaging it? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. The problem they is they don’t do AD08 in the correct size for the front? Any other recommendations? Thanks
  5. Hi all my old York’s AD07 front and AD08 rear died a few months ago and I’ve been running a set of Toyo R888R which are very good tyres. I have had my other alloys refurbished and now want to get some new rubber for them but this is proving quit difficult, I can’t find any online supplier that does both the 07 and the 08 in fact they are getting hard to find in the correct sizes full stop. Am I looking at the wrong tyres these days? Thanks in advance
  6. I know this is no real help but mine like many others snapped by the swivel clip at the end, I have found a local company who can reclamp it as there is plenty of spare in the adjuster. The only problem is I need to drill the old cable out of the end swivel which is proving very hard as it just wont drill, I may have to take it to an engineering company after all it will still end up costing far less then a new one.
  7. I have already fixed the tab. I tried the hole just to see it it helps I can easily seal it again. I think I will try putting it in water over the next few days and look for air bubbles and try and seal it around the lens that made a lot of sense as being the only way water could get in. Thanks
  8. Hi all my right indicator just keeps filling with condensation about once a month, its not something that's new it done it for years but not this bad. I've even drilled a couple of 3mm holes in it to let the air flow through. The problem is the contacts on the bulb keep failing. As we all know what a pain it is to get the indicator out I really need to get this sorted. I think I may solder the wires direct to the bulb at least that will stop that problem but what is causing so much water in the lens? There must be lots of us with this problem? Thanks in advance
  9. I know this post has been around for a bit but I just thought I wold drop in my thoughts. I've done both of them and many others like 911 Turbo but nothing is as much fun as my little SC but if you so go for one it has to be the Aston the reason for this is simple if you buy a Porsche Boxted it's a poor man's 911 well when you drive R8 it always feels like a poor man's Lambo but the R8 is a good car.
  10. Hi all its a simple question. Time for new rubber all round so are we still fitting standard size and Yokohama AD07 on the front and AD08 on the rear? The 175 on the front are a bit hard to get hold of in the correct size for some reason. Is there anything better out there now for the same sort of price, grip and wearability? Thanks
  11. Thanks everything looks dry.The thing is after jacking it up and using a bar everything seems tight and as it should be.
  12. Hi all this may have already be done but if not here we go. I have had a problem with an intermittent starter button so I decided to take things apart and it turned out to be an easy fix. MAKE SURE THE IGNITION IS OFF AND THE KEY IS OUT. Remove the two screw and pull the panel forward and down. When you put it back to gether the screws don't line up very well as the fixings move. The button appears to have a rubber cover over the back then 4 short cables leading to a connector but when you fold back the rubber at the back of the switch back it turns out there is another connector which is held to the switch pins with what can only be described as a bit of Bath silicone? Any way if you push the rubber back up the leads you can just simply unsolder them one at a time and solder them directly to the switch pins, then push the rubber back down for a nice clean dry job. This may not be your problem but you can kind of prove it just by seeing if the white block is a little loose, I did try some tape to start but it was not very successful and at the end of the day one less connection has got to be better. Hope this helps someone. Thanks
  13. Thanks everything looked good but I will check again.
  14. Bit of a late reply. I've had one for years with no problems and as for your new 2bular wait till you've a few thousand miles on it it just gets better and better.
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