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  1. I own a few cars but the actual one that will be parked in its place, everyone will hate me for it but I fancied something quirky it’s going to be a red and black all electric i3s just to try out electric and have a bit of fun for a few months, I demoed it for 48 hrs and I was very surprised it corners well and off the mark it’s quicker then an M5 up to 40 so a lot of fun around town. Back to Lotus later👍👍
  2. Well After five and a half years I’ve sold my Elise SC and already missing it, I will be back one day with something new and I will still continue to follow the forum. I want to say a big thanks to you all for the help and chat over the years. Carry on enjoying your Lotus for now and always. Thanks again Jako.
  3. Simple question? I think it’s time to part will my Elise but not sure. It’s a 2009 SC in burnt orange, in the 5years 4 months I’ve owned it and all the events I’ve been to I’ve only ever seen two other one’s. Now is it super rare and worth a lot more then I think it is or is it just I haven’t seen them? Its not with out it’s problems front clam has a small crack and wants a respirated, air conditioning not working, rattling noise from I think a rear heat shield and a few other minor bits mileage a little high at 51k but it looks stunning, good service history, 2bular exhaust, TRD air box, touring pack, recent refurbished alloys in satin black, reversing sensors. A dealer has offered me 19k and I know it needs a few k to put it all back as it should be but is that way to low or should I even keep it and watch it go up but then I have to find somewhere to put. I think it worth more but then there is the hassle of people just wanting to come and look and thinking they are going to drive it and the holiday season has finally started so will be away a lot till the winter and although there’s still lots of family at home I wouldn’t trust them to sell it👎👎 Oh what to do😳😳
  4. Thanks there is no rush. If it ever stops raining we will then be getting to the right time of the year, I’m still waiting to go out on my motorbike.
  5. I know this is the biggest mistake of my life I love my Elise SC it’s the best car I have ever owned and I’ve had a lot including super cars but I just fancy a change for a bit then I will be back. So my question is what’s my Elise worth it’s a bit more rare being an SC in burn orange metallic. 06/2009, 49,000 miles, 3 owners total (me for 5 years), full mot, black alloys with Toyo R888R tyres, black diffuser touring pack, 2bular exhaust, Trd air box and filter, service history with Gav super charger belt and water pump last year and harness bar. A few not such good bits, a small crack above front number plate in the body, the usual stone chips and a rattle from the exhaust heat shield. I may probably sell it privately or see what a trade in will give me so any ideas. Thanks
  6. Thanks I see you know about the Smart ECU then. I’ve had loads of cars all rag tops and no mater what they are they all leak including the 911 turbo and even the SLK AMG which was a folding hard top you would think by now someone would get it sorted. I don’t really mind the wet it’s just not being able to see out of the windows mind you I kind of have a cure for that I use the Karcher window vac👍
  7. Hi all my two front foot wells are very wet😩 I know both the lower window corner triangles leak but their not that bad, is there anywhere around the top under the dash that leaks? I once had a Smart roadster barabus and that used to pour through the wiper motor tray unless you removed it and re sealed it. Coming back to the corners where the windows slide up the gap in the rubber is very wide and the rain seeps round and in can they be fixed or is it replace only as the appear to be glued in? My aircon has failed which makes it even harder to clear the condensation off the windows the blue light comes on but no cold air. I’ve noticed there is no increase in revs so the pump is not running. I know where the filler is but is there an inspection window for the gas, what are the common faults with this system and what are the repairs. Does anyone close to south Birmingham have a vacuum tester for the aircon should I need one. Thanks
  8. Hi all well I went to see Gav at unit 4 for a service and as so many have said great service and a really nice guy thumbs up.
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