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Alex B

The S1

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Well the car is fully up and running minus the need to swap a cam pulley cover. So it has now been booked in for mapping with Northampton motorsport on the 1st September. Cannot wait.

But until then it's running a touch rich and kicking out big flames out the exhaust.

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Alex, i have some VVC cam covers. Let me know what you want.

Been meaning to find out which on it is n ask you. Will be In touch shortly.

Sounds good Alex. You will post up your final dyno plot won't you?

Certainly will, not sure what it will make though.

I would of thought big flames out the exhaust would look cool, very fast and furious :)


Seriously though I hope you get it all sorted Alex, sounds like you are finally getting on top things.

Thanks Simon. Nearly there now, just starting to enjoy the car again.

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