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New Exhaust


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  1. 1. What exhaust tips

    • Straight Bigger
    • Slashed smaller

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The exhaust is the same just different tips



Not sure about that - if the diffuser is doing its job (which it probably isn't with the large ground clearance on an Elise) then there should be a low pressure field at the back close to the ground. - this will entrain exhaust, on one hand the slashed pipe will feed into his and therby reduce the pressure in the exhaust pipe (good thing as it reduces the "pumping loss") - but on the other hand, you do get thrust from an exhaust and the straight cut pipe will direct its gas along the vehicle axis, whereas the thrust vector from the slashed pipe will be slightly downward.


Don't underestimate this effect - we could be talking of making a difference in the 0-60 time of as much as a millisecond

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