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  1. Your best MLOC memory so far

    Funny, thats exactly what G says ?
  2. Your best MLOC memory so far

    ?? it certainly does require a certain skill base. I mastered it by the time I sold my Elise, after many failed attempts including dropping the whole roof inside the car, bars round the wrong way, roof round the wrong way etc!!
  3. Your best MLOC memory so far

    My fav part of the stag do was your costumes ? That faultless Exige has its moments - usually in Spa!
  4. Your best MLOC memory so far

    Brill! I am near the middle of the M, think G is part of the C
  5. So getting all mushy over my 10 years of Lotus ownership and being part of MLOC got me thinking of all the great things I've done because of it. Just wondering what everyone's personal favourite memory of being part of our community is so far? Done so much from trackdays, meets, Chatsworth, Supercar Sunday etc but my favourite is the big MLOC photoshoot we did back in 2008. Was quite a sight seeing all the cars arriving (rather daunting when I had to sign everyone in) and even better seeing the photos of the end result!
  6. 10 years on

    Great comments Rich! Your Elise purchase sounds as justified as our Evora when Joseph was born as the 'family car' ?
  7. 10 years on

    Lol, your rugby shirt is a track essential, like my boots ?
  8. Advice on a 2001 VX220

    Haha I should have known that was coming. Mine 'might' have had neons on it. They came on it, it was an import, blame the Japanese ??
  9. Advice on a 2001 VX220

    Welcome back Jon! I loved my MX-5 when I had it and it was so reliable, was a MK1 and I think it is still going strong even now.
  10. 10 years on

    Those fish and chips are worth going to Wales for! No family business but he was originally from Shrewsbury until I bought him over to Leicester. The McCann thing chuckled me too, def wrong forum for that!
  11. 10 years on

    Just informed G of this, and here was me thinking I was keeping him young ;-)
  12. 10 years on

    Where it all began!
  13. 10 years on

    Now I feel old lol
  14. 10 years on

    That meal in LeMans still haunts me, think Ive had salad everytime we have been to France since!! I remember for my first pax ride with you I put the harness and seatbelt on, I had heard about your driving ;-) Got me hooked though, absolutely loved it! So many great memories, meets, runs, trackdays, supercar sunday etc. And all these years on I still have to say 'wow' when I open the garage and see the Exige sat there. Don't get out in it much since Joseph arrived but enjoy it when we do.
  15. 10 years on

    So this month marks my 10 year anniversary of Lotus ownership and almost 10 years of MLOC membership and what a decade it has been! I started off in 2007 with my Aspen White Elise S which I adored (and still miss). Remember the excitement of going to see it being built at Hethel, at the time mine was the only white car on the production line and was surrounded by Chrome Orange Exiges. The arrival of the car led me to MLOC a short while later and since then because of it I have made the most wonderful friends, met my husband, had a baby, had between us 2 Elises, an Evora and our Exige and I am on my 4th user name! I have also gone from being someone with a driving phobia 10 years ago to now having the experience of driving some of the best UK tracks as well as Le Mans and Spa, pretty amazing stuff. Bring on the next 10 years!