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  1. Welcome back Nick, lovely car, will keep an eye out for it!
  2. Still got one, cant see us ever wanting to sell it. My 10th year now on mloc, seen a few members sell up (including me) but its hard to resist buying again!
  3. Hope the day is perfect for you both. Good luck & congratulations
  4. Corr, lovely!
  5. Congratulations Chris, it is never right you not owning a Lotus! I did think for a minute the car used to belong to Jo who used to post on here but just found photos of hers and reg is different. Looking forward to seeing it. You and Becka both at Chatsworth?
  6. Thought it was driver side ;-)
  7. My sticker stayed on my Elise and was spotted when I saw it last for sale - stuck on the correct side of the rear window of course.
  8. Thanks again for the clarification James and your post about it all, really appreciate that after the news yesterday being received like a slap across my face tbh! Good luck with your search, hope you and your family find a suitable one soon enough with the spec etc you are after
  9. Before posting that info on a public forum you should always make sure all facts and figures are 100% true Earlier in your pm you got it wrong telling me that the dealer bought the car off someone that bought it from us. That person is a Lotus mechanic not anyone involved in the last sale. Your friend isnt buying the car. End of, can you please just let it rest now like I asked you earlier to do in my pm about it all.
  10. Really shocked and saddened to read this tbh. We owned this car from Feb 2013 until a few weeks ago and it was checked before we bought it and all was fine and clear with regards the hpi with it. Bought as a car for us and our little one to enjoy. Hope your friend finds the car he is looking for.
  11. Yes but it is being kept company by my exercise bike. Going to give the Exige some love over the winter ready for trackdays in the new year This reminds me, perhaps time for a new user name again lol.
  12. Yes this was our Evora up until recently. We would still gladly own it but the little one was getting too big to sit comfortably in the back so it was not fair on him tbh. Not really got anything useful to add re the car, it is what it says on the tin and a lovely well looked after Evora. Hope your friend finds the one he is looking for.
  13. Great write up, sounds like you are certainly enjoying it so far - doubt that grin will ever go. The guys at Essex Autosport are absolutely brilliant, saved our skins twice now at Spa and with the work they did for us on the Exige a few months ago it drives & feels better than ever, looking forward to getting to stretch its legs properly at LeMans in August