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  1. Come on you lot, there must be loads more than this. Where's all the LiTP photos for starters?
  2. OK, I've started the ball rolling with a shot of mine in the car park at the Chateau Impney hill climb from earlier this year.
  3. Roll up, Roll up, Roll up - it's that time of year again folks: we need your photos submitting for consideration for next year's calendar. The gallery to submit them to is here: https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/gallery/category/614-2020-calendar-images-wanted/ Photos from MLOC or non-MLOC events are all welcome, but please note the 'rules' below. Thanks in advance, and please get submitting! The small print: Please make sure you can supply a reasonably high res version if your photo is chosen. You must be the copyright owner of the photograph. No commercial entries are allowed. We (the Directors) will select 13 photos (one per month plus the cover) from those submitted. In submitting your photograph you agree to allow MLOC non-exclusive rights to use your photograph. (In other words, you give us permission to use it, but it can still be used elsewhere - it's yours afterall.)
  4. My lad has been. His mate knows one of the owners. Definitely on the 'to do' list. Probably mid-week to start with, when it's a bit quieter. @Alex - your pictures look great.
  5. You can put it on display in my conservatory if you like John - I'll look after it for you.
  6. I was thinking how clean they looked compared to mine!
  7. I did something similar with the screen on my bike. It's a bit scary the first time you use the 500 grit on the plastic, isn't it. My initial reaction as 'oh my God, what have I done!'
  8. Wow, just wow! Looking forward to seeing it back on the road John.
  9. lummo


  10. lummo


    British GT Championships, Donington Park
  11. lummo


    British GT Championships, Donington Park
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