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  1. Good news! After a bit of a quality control issue at the printers the calendars have finally arrived. 😀 The intention is to get them in the post for fully paid-up members (who get them for free as part of their membership package) over the next few days. Any that are left will then go on sale in the store for those non-paying members that would like one, or those that want a second (or third) one for their office, garage or shed. Many thanks to everyone who submitted their photos for consideration. The choice, as always, was incredibly difficult. I hope you all like the final choices
  2. Starting to select the photos, but there's still a few more days before final selection. So if anyone has any more get in there quick.
  3. Don't take it personally Mark, we always try to get a good spread of models, colours, scenery, weather, etc. so it depends how many other similar photos there are. A quick hint: We try not to use nice sunny summery photos on the winter months, so some moody, rainy photos always stand a good chance because we don't get so many of those Also the month pages need landscape format photos, whereas the front cover needs a portrait, so that can influence which photos get used too. So keep trying!!!
  4. Sorry Dave, only just seen this. We will be starting to choose the photos around the end of this month.
  5. Roll up, Roll up, Roll up - it's that time of year again folks: we need your photos submitting for consideration for next year's calendar. The gallery to submit them to is here: 2021 Calendar Images Wanted Photos from MLOC or non-MLOC events are all welcome, but please note the 'rules' below. Thanks in advance, and please get submitting! The small print: Please make sure you can supply a reasonably high res version if your photo is chosen. You must be the copyright owner of the photograph. No commercial entries are allowed. We (the Directors) will
  6. lummo


  7. lummo


    British GT Championships, Donington Park
  8. lummo


    British GT Championships, Donington Park
  9. lummo

    Lotus Elise 111S

    Lotus Elise 111S
  10. lummo

    S1 Elise 111S

    Kelham Hall, near Newark
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