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1997 S1 Elise headlight options?

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Today I removed my LHS front light unit to clear out spiders, dead flies, etc that had accumulated inside the covers over the last 22 years (nice!)

The unit was a little stiff/rusty but went back together OK, other than the bulb disintegrated when I tried to reconnect (the three tabs at the back literally crumbled). I've had the car since new and I've never replaced ANY bulbs (is that a record?). I fitted a standard bulb back in but I noticed that the silver backing has started to give up around the sidelight bulb area.

The light unit appears to be from a Renault 4 or similar, if I'm replacing these are there better units? Or just better bulbs? I've never been impressed with the night driving these lights offer (drivers lights work well but you can't use them all the time).

Any help/info much appreciated, or tell me to FAQ off if there's a link somewhere.


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I've since found pages/post on this site (oddly enough from searching on Google, not the search bar at the top!?!)

Any info still appreciated, especially experiences of similar.


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I replaced the whole units on both sides including the metal inner clamping bracket as it was in a pretty sorry condition. Just went with Eliseparts IIRC and got it done. Worst job was cleaning off the old glue, but looked lovely and looked after once finished and less likely to fall off! Brighter too, but that was probably a combination of all factors.

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Posted (edited)


I had to replace my headlights last year as one had disintegrated! The OEM headlights are Cibies, you can buy them as Lotus ones but if you buy them as general lights from a motorfactor they are a bit cheaper.

I got mine from here, I expected them to be Valeo (which are apparently the same just a different brand) but the came in Cibie Oscar boxes.



Thread about these here




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