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  1. I had the same and was working in a tight garage with the doors still on. I managed to cut the washer off rather than the bolt which then meant I could prize the clam off (as it’s a slot, rather than a hole, certainly on the S1 anyway) then remove the bolts with pliers. I use the expensive reinforced cutting discs for this Hope that helps
  2. Also, tread pattern seems to be the same between the r and the rs so not too sure what has changed with them.
  3. Cant help on sizes but 08r have now been replaced with 08rs i found this out when I ordered some for my mini a couple of weeks ago. Seems a lot of websites haven’t updated to the rs yet and just show the r as being out of stock...
  4. Hi, I had to replace my headlights last year as one had disintegrated! The OEM headlights are Cibies, you can buy them as Lotus ones but if you buy them as general lights from a motorfactor they are a bit cheaper. I got mine from here, I expected them to be Valeo (which are apparently the same just a different brand) but the came in Cibie Oscar boxes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Valeo-460118-L-unit-Oscar-H4-WSL/1516940301?iid=192144149203 Thread about these here https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=416218
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