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Over 40's Health Check.

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I had a NHS Over 40's Health Check two weeks ago. Answered a few questions about diet & lifestyle, had pulse & blood pressure taken (110/60), then the nurse took blood for various tests.
Got my results yesterday, all of the blood test results were very good. I currently have absolute minimal chances of having heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, kidney disease, and certain types of dementia. She said my cholesterol level was very good at 4.4. smile.gif

Oh, and my resting pulse is 58bpm. For a woman of 43 that's athlete level, apparently. cool.gif
E. biggrin.gif

If you're aged 40-74 years old you're entitled to go for a health check every 5 years. You should go, it's good. smile.gif

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My blood pressure does go up to around 117/65 if I don't eat as healthily or work-out regularly, but that's still not bad.


TBH, I was surprised that my results were so good. Especially, after the nurse commented that straight after Christmas wasn't really an ideal time for a health check... And I'd had three weeks off work & ate more unhealthy food then, than I had done all year! ohmy.gif biggrin.gif I hadn't done any work-outs either, because of my leg op.

The nurse ended the telephone call by saying 'Keep doing whatever you have been', so I ran and poured myself a glass of Fragola liqueur & prosecco! lol.gif wink.gif lol.gif

E. smile.png

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Yeah, defo book one. I'm really glad I went. :)

I was actually invited to go, I said that I didn't think I needed to. I work-out most days. Eat minimal wheat, gluten & dairy, and a sensible amount of meat & nuts, and loads of fruit, veg & legumes. Usually fry stuff in coconut oil, etc, etc, etc.....

The nurse said we need to improve the terrible results that we've been getting at this surgery! ohmy.gif


That's the ticking fat-bomb that is Coalville for ya! :D

E. ;)

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