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Breakdown cover for Europe trip - options for a 27 year old car?


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I'm looking for breakdown cover for a European road trip later this year (France & Spain) but online comparison sites seem to balk at the age of my Elise. It's been one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned, but still......I'd like cover just in case!

Any recommendations, or experience of same? 

TIA Adam





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I've used Howden (used to be a-plan) for the last few years on my camper as standalone European breakdown cover. It was £51 last year, I've not had to use it but the cover looks fairly standard. I've now changed to the nationwide account with the breakdown and travel insurance included.

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I have Barclays travel pack(not breakdown cover) linked to my current account, it combines world travel and European breakdown insurance for £14.50p per month. Last time I checked which was 4 years ago, when my then Elise was 17 years old there was no vehicle age restriction. I’m sure lots of other banks do similar schemes. Obviously worth checking but I just took another quick look at the T&C’s and couldn’t see anything relating to vehicle age?. I also think that the owners of older vehicles being taken on overseas trips will be more fastidious about maintaining their car? The travel pack appears to cover everything other stand alone breakdown insurance covers but again probably worth checking it meets your needs.

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As above I have the barclays travel pack which includes RAC breakdown, we brokedown on Stelvio Pass a couple of years ago.

Car was recovered to a local garage within 45 minutes, then we managed to get it recovered by RAC to a Lotus garage near Milan and then claimed think it was £30pp a night for hotel costs whilst waiting for repair.

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