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  1. Hi Lee, The info / date will be in this thread, when available http://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/66193-litp-2017/
  2. Better ... cos it has four seats!!! Great little fun car, but not better than a Lotus
  3. Better I think a McLaren would be better.
  4. That is great news... well done. Loved the journey ;-) always check the basic stuff first.
  5. Hi, I would check all the earthing points are tight and good cables. I came unstuck on a friends car this year which would not start. Ended up being the earth (negative) strap to the engine... which had been replaced by a garage, but not 100% tight!!!!! I checked everything and then started to think of all the other things it could be, read loads and loads of forum threads. I ended up going back to basics... and found that the strap was not tight. Been working, but after a month the car would not start. Just a thought...
  6. Did you have any issues before it would not start, had it been starting fine before?
  7. WOW... I want to see the rest
  8. Hi, go on your profile, top right, then click on client area... and you should see what the status of your membership. Also invoice area. December for me... Me too... great work everyone
  9. Great Just checked my membership and it ran out last month , just paid my £12
  10. It's great to see they boys back together. Very interesting first show and loads of TG with some changes and now GT...
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