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  1. Lotus Europa S/SE 121- Owners group -LEO Group Sent a link on your other post too... we have all the information and know how... come and join the gang...
  2. Andy, For Europa S advice you are best asking on our Europa S Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/lotus.europa/ Lotus Europa S/SE 121- Owners group -LEO Group Richard
  3. Saturday is better for me on this weekend.
  4. So are we saying the first meet will be on Sunday 7th? If yes, what time do we meet? I'm happy to have the following meet on a Saturday as my wife is at work.
  5. Can we all do Sunday April 7th at Shrewsbury SY4 3EQ
  6. Which dates are best? Below are the days when I can make it March 23 Saturday 24 Sunday 30 Saturday 31 Sunday - I CAN'T DO - Going to Lotus - Oakmere for a meet April 6 Saturday 7 Sunday 13 Saturday 14 Sunday 20 Saturday 21 Sunday CAN'T do the 27 or 28
  7. I'll be coming from Rednal, West Felton. Looking at your locations, I think south of Shrewsbury is central to us all. Now I've only lived in the area for 18 months... so don't know any places in that area. Jonathan of Shrewsbury - do you know of a pub with a good car park?
  8. Hello all, I live close to Oswestry and was wondering if there are any meets around Shrewsbury Thanks Rich
  9. One of the things I really like is that you can drive it around using the torque of the turbo and hardly change down gears, easy driving. To over take just use 5th and then back to 6th. OR - drive it on the windy roads using 3rd / 4th and it turns into a beast. The first year we had the car we went on holiday to Scotland and the next we went to Italy. Good boot space to get all the stuff in. If you look on the following link you will see a number of photos of the Europa S https://www.flickr.com/groups/3019638@N22/pool/
  10. Hi Kurt, I have a 2006 Europa S. The best place for information on the cars is on our Facebook page "Lotus Europa S/SE 121- Owners group -LEO Group" A number of the parts are not available from Lotus or dealers e.g. headlamps. However, if you ask the FB group, someone normally has what you are looking for,. Engine is all GM and parts are available. Back suspension is the same as VX220 and some parts as on other Lotus cars. Check the FB group....
  11. I found it would not upload if the file size was too large. I made a copy of my photo and reduced the file size. This copy would then upload straight away. Hope this helps
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