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When clicking on a username...

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Sometimes it takes you to that person's profile but sometimes it takes you to the £12 for paid-up membership option in the MLOC shop.

For a given person, it's a repeatable thing.

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Is it only on a certain page it happens, so I've just clicked your username on this page 30 times and I get your profile everytime but I wonder if its page specific? If you click on my username on this current page does it happen?

I clicked here for your profile, is that what you are doing?




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Clicking on a profile always gets the same result (so their profile or the other page). It doesn't change for a given person.

When I clicked on yours I got your profile.  When I clicked on DeanB, I got the paid up member page.

Didn't matter which thread I used to click on DeanB's profile - same result.

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Browser is Chrome on mobile, Android 11.

Taking the Stelvio thread, and what happens on each profile...

Badger02 - profile

DeanB - 12m MLOC membership page

DuncX - 12m MLOC memb

PJT - profile

CDM2018 - 12m MLOC memb

SamG40 - 12m MLOC memb

I haven't tried on a laptop, but will later (which will be Windows, Chrome).

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