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There were Speed Cameras - and now we will soon have Noise Cameras!

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Per title, we now have Noise Cameras to consider on public highways.


I guess that has implications for those running non-standard (or “custom”) exhaust systems which may not, nominally, meet EU and UK noise limits.

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I doubt this will effect most of us, a V6 Exige or S Audi is not quiet but passes the noise tests when new. Even with an after market exhaust it’s probably only a problem if you gun it.  However, my neighbour has a Harley bike.  When he starts it my dog runs for cover and shakes, on a Sunday morning it’s a rude awakening. I’d be quite pleased if he had to put the baffles back in his exhaust.

Bigger worry is all the lane tracking and collision avoidance that is to be mandated. It always worries me that the “easier” it is to drive a car the less attention the driver  is paying.  Mandating these will encourage people like the muppet beside me in a Telsa a few weeks ago, clearly on driver assist and doing email on his laptop, on his lap.

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I cannot see how these will work.  How will the camera know the noise it is picking up is entirely from one car and not a combination of many cars or other unrelated noises such as planes, screeching tyres, music etc?  So I assume the first step if you get caught would be to get an official measurement at an MOT station?  At which point you've put your quiet exhaust back on?  Hoping this is just scare tactics.  Although the Saxo boys with their straight through systems driving like twats through the towns at 11pm waking all the kids up do need a slap.  They're better off putting a noise limit on at unsocialable hours and just let the BIB police it with DB meters.  Then they can tackle the nuisance areas. 


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