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  1. winthattt

    S2 Exige Big Brake Kit

    Time Left: 2 months and 22 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    My S2 needs to have the front clam removed to fix a minor oil cooler leak (recall done). When the clam is off it’s easy to remove the big brakes and put it back to standard. I believe brakes can be fitted without removing the clam if banjo adapters are used, I don’t know this for sure and did not use them myself. The brakes are Lotus AP kit with adaptors, refurbished less than 10k miles ago, ap discs, newly fitted Brembo sport pads and stainless braided hoses. TBH, they could do with a repaint if you have an immaculate car. I’ve got to get a price that makes it worth swapping than and buying new pads. My car is off to Gavin on the 1st of June so the brakes can be removed then. I can deliver them to a Ltip if required. A new set is over £2k. £1k? Keith


    Derby, Derbyshire

  2. winthattt

    Seats help - Corbeau LE Pro test sit

    I had some years ago. Very good if you are slim but tight otherwise. You sit a bit higher in them as well. Comfortable.
  3. winthattt

    Exige S1 Restoration (images changed).

    John, just use the thing. I got a quote from Option1 to respray mine and decided, what the hell, it would become more of a garage queen. That’s why it’s off to Anglesey for the Exiges day....mind you, last time it went on track a gaitor split, put grease on the exhaust and it caught fire. No damage but a bit scary. The time before that the power cable snapped on the alternator and sent sparks flying... I have renewed my RAC membership.
  4. winthattt

    Motorsport seats

    Same as I have, I like the all cloth version, less slippy.
  5. winthattt

    Thoughts on my new motor - NLC

    They are the most fantastic looking cars, I keep being tempted but have resisted so far.
  6. winthattt

    Thinking of selling my S1 111s

    Try Belper in the Peak District. It used to have a reputation for being rough but it’s not now. Good shops, deli, cinema, railway station, restaurants etc. Prices are still way down on Matlock, Ashbourne, wirksworth. Ripley, just up the hill is not as nice as Belper but still good. Sell the Lotus if you need something different but you still need a garage. If you are retired you will need space for your toys.
  7. winthattt

    Lotus in the Peak - kids?

    Windy passes, steam trains, caves, cable cars, hills to climb, rivers to paddle in, chip shops everywhere.... brought my lad up north when he was 5 and he refuses to go back south, that was 12 years ago. My lad still enjoys the ltip even if he has to get up at an unreasonable hour. If he’s interested, it’s a great place for fossil hunting and you will find some.
  8. winthattt

    Brake fluid change.... clutch as well?

    The easiest way to bleed the brakes and clutch is with an Ezi-bleed kit from Halfords or similar. It uses tyre air pressure to pump new fluid into the reservoir as you bleed it out of the slaves. Clutch is the same process as the brakes. Just attach a length of fish tank air tube to the slave valve and open the valve, catch the fluid in a jam jar. I always bleed the clutch first, then the rears, then the front. That ensures the front brakes have the best fluid, they get hot.
  9. winthattt

    Onlins set up exige

    Richbk When I sent my Nitrons for a refurb I carefully measured the collar positions with callipers (and counted the turns) so I was able to set them back. Nitron returned them lose and I wound them to my rough positions. If I ever get round to fitting them again I can set the ride height where I had them before. Too late for you now, I do understand your frustration, I have been there with Lotus gear cables. Keith
  10. winthattt

    Anyone know of a DeLorean locally?

    I often see one in the Duffield, Belper area. In fact it was at the Belper steam weekend last week. The name of the owner would be in the programme, mine has gone in the recycling but you may get the details from the organisers of the Belper steam weekend. keith
  11. winthattt

    Gav Unit 4. Totally Lotus Content.

    Never thought you would drive it, too perfect now. With all the time and care you have put into it I can fully understand the situation. I have toyed with doing a “Jonnyfox” on my car but I’m not OCD enough and I know if it ever got finished I would have the same thoughts as you. Hopefully we will see it at Ltip, but I am not so sure...it will be car of the day if it is there.
  12. winthattt

    Powder Coating Rear Diffuser - Elise S2

    £60. Langley coatings near Derby. Looks fine.
  13. winthattt

    Farewell, but not goodbye.

    Since I got my Caterham Academy the Exige hardly turns a wheel, Ltip and some charity dream rides. Caterham is great on track, not least because you can get parts should it get damaged. You will enjoy it on track, less sure about the road. I have never driven mine on the road and don’t really want to. Have fun, it should be cheap fun as well. That power would scare me senseless. .... looking at the picture, you need a full cage, side bars, tillets, harnesses .... don’t get the impression that I am a safety freak. Keith
  14. winthattt


    Radio 4 has the best comedy and science programmes and no risk of hearing Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. Woman’s hour can get a bit racy so I have to turn that off.
  15. winthattt


    As much as I love my S1 Exige I do wear ear plugs most of the time, really good motor cyclist ones. At my age I appreciate being able to hear radio 4 when driving, then I remember, the radio hardly works. I have considered a bit of sound proofing on the floor. Needs to be fully removable so no glue. Let me know if you think it helps.

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