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  1. They have invested massively in Coventry Taxi with a new factory in Ansty and I regularly see new cabs and hybrids moving around. The black cab business is even more marginal than Lotus. Volvo thrives with Chinese ownership, JLR thrives with Indian ownership. Both were lame under Ford ownership. I think it's good news. I hope so, my brother is a welder at Lotus.
  2. Really tricky. I had the sills resprayed on my S2 and a large area of paint came off. It went back and they,with reluctance painted one sill again, to a sloppy standard. I drove the car home (about 15 miles) and the sill was already covered in small chips. I have just bitten the bullet and its booked into a different shop to be done again. Good body shops are rare. When I needed the mirrors painted for my mustard yellow Exige i was quite surprised that the shop painted them green, they also looked startled when I refused to pay until they did them again. Price us about right, I am paying £1100 for the front and two sills yo be repainted. No damage on them, just chips.
  3. Centre of Gravity in Atherstone are very good and close to Leicester. They mainly work on Beetle 911s but did a great job on my S1 Elise. I used to use Tollbar but Doc has retired, quite a character.
  4. You can get them from the usual suspects, Elise shop and Elise parts. I have found the large clear ones almost impossible to fit neatly. I have done the smaller black ones without too much bother. I know EP only stock the small ones as they found the large ones too difficult for punters like me.
  5. Paint shops like to paint up to a panel join, crease or seam in the panel as it hides the join where the paint colours will be slightly different. They will not spray patches. These days there are body shops that are similar prices to mobile repairs and can do the job in the warm and dry.
  6. I use inner ring as well or Select a tyre in Belper. In all cases I take the wheels off the car and take them in my Audi. When I have had them jack the car I have given them instruction and checked the lifting. Select a tyre now know me and my Lotus as rebalance when needed for a very good price. Ao48 can go out after hard use. Keith
  7. Completely gone, no truck or signs, just an empty building. Michael must be if retirement age. He was building a very nice Lotus FF so he may have a private workshop. Keith
  8. ..... and Tollbar racing in Darley Dale has gone, who will do my geo checks now?
  9. I hope there is plenty of work for them and Gav, who has always been first class for me. They claim they can get parts for modern Lotus cars quickly, that would be a miracle!
  10. Thanks. I had come across the one in Swadlincote but could not remember what it was called, did not help that my memory put it in Coalville. Keith
  11. Can anyone recommend a company close to Derby that can fit clear stone chip film to the sills and arches on my S2 Exige? I have just had them painted and want to keep them pristine. Keith
  12. Jonny, I use the witches hat filters, I used to run two (one on the entry to the hose and one at the front of the air box), but now just have one fitted. I have not had any problems. The size of the hose and filters means there is no flow choking even at full rpm. Once fitted you can't see them.
  13. Based on my VHPD Exige I would have agreed with you. It was so bad I considered it dangerous. I then had verniers fitted and a new lambda probe and it is a changed machine, just like you say for your 340. Mine was running rich because the lambda probe was dead so it just went into limp home mode. For my car, it's now no worse then my old 118bhp Elise. It's not as smooth as a Toyota engine but in no way is it bad. Would I live with it as an everyday car, no, but I would not live with an S2 Elise either, can't hear radio 4 or 6.
  14. Try Rally School Ireland. They have Ferrari, Porsche and other dull stuff along with cool cars like a Mk2 Escort. Really good day out, cheap flights from East Midlands Airport and the charm of the Irish. Needs an overnight stay but I cannot recommend it enough. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Eve8a4fxF9A This is my then 11 year old, in total control, first time behind the wheel, probably lap 4 of 20 odd. Ask for David, Keith from Derby recommended you. You will be looked after.
  15. Gutted to read that. Maybe I will get an Evora when I can no longer scramble into an Exige S1. I broke my pelvis cycling years ago and the Exige can be a struggle. I know a Porsche is a great car but they are too common and everyone jumps to them as an option. My mate rates his Aston but prefers a top spec 911.