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  1. I would fit belts and harnesses for road use. Harnesses are best only used on track. I think I have the kit to fit both somewhere in the garage.
  2. In the end, I have always just put a coat of clear waxoyl on the wishbones whenever I remove a wheel (which is quite often). They don’t look lovely but they are in great condition. It’s a good point that they where plated originally, I’m not sure what sort of treatment they applied, I don’t think it’s zinc galvanising as it fails far too quickly,
  3. Ferrous springs should never wear out if they don’t go beyond their yield point, if you take them past the yield point they will wear out very quickly. If they do fail it will be from corrosion or damage. They don’t sag either, bushes and the like may wear and people blame the springs. They can look horrid with corrosion, but new ones look the same pretty quickly, at least eibach and Nitron ones on my cars did.
  4. I considered zinc plating and it could be an issue so I decided against it. You can get hydrogen embrittlement but it would require some analysis to see if it’s significant, I did not have the skills or software to do the calculations. I’d just get them blasted and painted or coated.
  5. Lotus in the Peak and any track day organised by Lotus in Track. Can’t go wrong...
  6. Tell the truth, occasionally take it to work in a covered air conditioned trailer.
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I know the market is slow but I thought I'd try this. I have and S1 and an S2 Exige and one of them has to go to make space for a Caterham in the garage. The S2 will be off to a dealer in a few weeks but I really like them both so I'm torn about which to keep. You probably know all about S1 Exiges but to me there a few things that are must haves when buying one. 1. The engine must be running smoothly and like clockwork, they are simple but diagnostics can be painful. This one runs splendidly, pulls 30mph in 4th, no kangaroos or other oddities. It was not like that until I fitted verniers, a new lambda probe and spark plug leads. It's now a total pussy cat but has the fantastic VHPD sound. 2. It must have all the good options. Sports seats, harnesses (I have belts as well), 190 upgrade, carbon airbox, aircon. They aircon does not work (none do) but the extra vents are a big improvement on the standard Elise. 3. It needs to be bright - they are small and fast projectiles on the road, better to be seen and look good. 4. It needs to be original - is still a VHPD (I have a spare engine which can be available separately), it's running Nitrons but I have the originals. It has never been resprayed or had panels replaced. It does have some stone chips and a couple of star crazes. I would not dream of repainting it. 5. It needs to be a car you can use - it drives smoothly, starts hot or cold, passes the MoT, gleams fantastically but is not a garage queen, you can use it without worry, but it does draw crowds. Sadly, I have only been using it for Lotus in the Peak and charity dream rides for children. I've set a price 2k less than a dealer offered me last year, reflecting the slow market for everything (not just Lotus cars). Ping me for more information or any questions.


    Belper, Derbyshire - GB

  8. If your car is not extra low it should not have a problem with any of the passes. TBH, whilst the roads are steep modern cars don’t really have any trouble, even my old mini 1000 could tackle them (30 years ago). Almost everywhere is stunning in the Lakes. If I could do one walk on a sunny day it would be from Buttermere up Haystacks. It’s not difficult but it stunning, it was Wainwright’s favourite, his ashes are there. We did our first hike there in over 20 years a few weeks ago, Fairfield Horseshoe. Not the greatest of views but a good 12 miles with lots of climbs. Managed it as we both push 60 in about 6 hours but needed a beer on returning. As for drives, any of the passes are great, Tarn Hows early in the morning or evening, take a trip to the Langdales..almost anywhere is a great drive. If you come back through the Peaks head for Buxton and from there go in the direction of Bakewell, and Chatsworth, then the a6 south, to Cromford, climb the Via Gelia and go to Carsington. If sunny, you can’t go wrong. Keith

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    I have two Exige indoor fleecy car covers that fit an S1 or S2 Exige, they would also fit an Elise with a spoiler of Exige size. Both are in excellent condition, one has the original Lotus bag, the other has a cotton bag. These are the ones from Lotus, black with white piping along the side joins and “lotus” sewn into to front with white thread. Understated and classy! They have only been used in my clean dry garage to protect my cars when I used it as a gym. I’m away at the moment so I’m putting them on mloc as I don’t have pictures to hand. Trying a local sale before Seloc. Looking at pricing on Seloc there is the same cover for a 2-11 at £265 so I’m asking £200 plus postage for the Exige ones. Collection is possible from just north of Derby and I’ll be at Donington for the two Bookatrack days in August. Thanks Keith


  10. This works, done it myself. Big square shaft screwdriver jams the best. You will need to fit a new rivnut which is easy if you have the tools. Tbh, get a garage to do it, much easier on ramps. Don’t let them remove the spinning bolt with a hammer and cold chisel, it could damage the subframe. The old rivnut base comes out with a drill.
  11. Keep the originals to aid resale! To me the S1 is an old car and the originals fit the look better.
  12. I’m a member of the RAC and they will send their transporter and move it, it was quite reasonable as a member, obscene if I went to the break down company directly. I used it to get a car from Dony (drive shaft gaiter) and then to send it to be fixed. There are also companies who rent car transporters, truck and flatbed, to drive yourself. £100/day. Never used them but looked useful Don’t drive it with a split gaiter, it can catch fire (mine did as did a 340r at Dony) and it could wreck the internal. http://transporterhire.co.uk/locations/car_transporter_hire_Nottingham.php?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0JCphu-W4wIV7ZTtCh3jnwPHEAAYAiAAEgLUMvD_BwE
  13. It’s not really a hotel area. There is a double tree or similar at the Ricoh. Ansty hall hotel is good value and like faulty towers for service, good for a giggle. Combe Abbey, is posh and good fun. Neither are very close. There is also a holiday inn at ansty. Keith
  14. I doubt this will effect most of us, a V6 Exige or S Audi is not quiet but passes the noise tests when new. Even with an after market exhaust it’s probably only a problem if you gun it. However, my neighbour has a Harley bike. When he starts it my dog runs for cover and shakes, on a Sunday morning it’s a rude awakening. I’d be quite pleased if he had to put the baffles back in his exhaust. Bigger worry is all the lane tracking and collision avoidance that is to be mandated. It always worries me that the “easier” it is to drive a car the less attention the driver is paying. Mandating these will encourage people like the muppet beside me in a Telsa a few weeks ago, clearly on driver assist and doing email on his laptop, on his lap.
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