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  1. What price for an S2 ECU

    £150 sounds like a bargain. Deroure show replacement S2 ECUs to be between £780 (T4e) to £850 (T4). Early S2 ECUs (~2001 to 2004, such as the 111) are even more expensive at £1,175... (cough).
  2. Gauging interest

    Date dependent, sounds like fun a day. +1 v6 :-)
  3. Dab Aerial Cabling

    Similar discussions seen on the The Lotus Forums. Why not make life so much easier and use what you have already plus this or similar: https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/autoleads-pc6-536-car-radio-stereo-headunits-digital-dab-aerial-antenna-splitter.html If you're replacing the head unit anyway, your're already 9/10ths the way to this alternative.
  4. [Group Lotus Video]A new sound for 2017

    Incresed profit margin - two "expensive" lamp units replaced with much cheaper components - plus an excuse to increase the showroom price. Winner all-round for Lotus... :-)
  5. Exige V6 Exhaust Valve Working?

    Yes - you can visually check that the exhaust bypass valve is operating. The valve actuator is visible to the left of the main silencer box - as viewed from the rear of the car - through the mesh immediately above the rear diffuser. You should see what looks like an end-on piston that operates the exhaust valve through a crank linkage. The valve should default to "open" against spring pressure; when activated (i.e. "Valve closed"), the piston is pulled-in by applied vacuum. What you can't visually check is operation of the vacuum solenoid valve that (for the Exige S) is located on the rear left of the engine subframe - mounted vertically below the expansion bottle in the engine bay. This valve has been known to fail due to water contamination. This valve is not present on the Exige 350 Sport. Don't be tempted to diagnose solenoid operation by disconnecting it from the wiring harness. If you do disconnect when the engine is running or prior to engine start, the ECU will sense an electrical/exhaust fault and illuminate the Engine Warning lamp - which will likely require reset by a Lotus dealer. Only diagnose potential faults in the vacuum system by selectively disconnecting the vacuum hoses from the solenoid. The upstream side connects to the vacuum reservoir via a t-peice in the vacuum line. The downstream vacuum hose connects to the exhaust valve actuator - and vents to atmosphere via a third (enclosed) port under a cap on the solenoid.