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  1. pa28pilot

    Drivers seat

    Speaking as one of those with the benefit of having the modification fitted, I can vouch for its effectiveness - with a caveat. The rocking is completely eliminated, but at the expense of losing the very smooth fore/aft slide action; seat adjustment becomes quite stiff when compared with unmodified seat runners. I would also advise caution if attempting to fabricate the spring insert. If it breaks in-situ, you may jamb the seat slide - which could make subsequent removal of the seat very difficult. Lotus took considerable time developing the fix and in selection of the most appropriate material for the job. It’s down to personal choice, but given the potential cost of resolving a failed DIY job (remembering that seat security is a serious safetly consideration), I’d be inclined to be safe a spend the relatively modest cost in obtaining the official part. If nothing else, this might potentially have implications for insurance.
  2. pa28pilot

    Had a close encounter with the Rev limiter

    Oops. You might also consider that your ECU will have “logged” your RPM overspeed events.
  3. Per title, we now have Noise Cameras to consider on public highways. https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/news/motoring-news/not-aloud-new-cameras-to-catch-noisy-motorists I guess that has implications for those running non-standard (or “custom”) exhaust systems which may not, nominally, meet EU and UK noise limits.
  4. pa28pilot

    Caffeine and Machine

    Interesting - at Easter, £5 bought parking and a C&M sticker in a ziplock bag.
  5. pa28pilot

    Caffeine and Machine

    Gets very busy at weekends - and at weekends, if you can get in, it’ll cost you £5 to park.
  6. pa28pilot

    Evora tpms replacement

    All In-tyre TPMS sensors, with an integral battery, have a finite service life - and should be periodically changed as a complete assembly. Outside of changing a single sensor due to unexpected failure, it follows that they would be routinely changed, as a set, when changing worn tyres. Doesn’t your owners handbook offer any guidance as to the anticipated service life prior to expected replacement? If your sensors are the original fit, they’ll now be over ten years old - and likely well past their expected lifespan. As for sourcing a non-Lotus component, you may need to consider that the sensor/transmitter is paired with the corresponding in-car receiver module. You might expect to find the OEM Manufacturer part number marked on the sensor - if so, armed with this information, you might be able to source via an alternative supplier or motor factor.
  7. pa28pilot

    Elise cabin filter?

    Hasn’t considered the weight gain - which would increase over time as the filter caught all the insects, dust and other gunk, that normally litters the cabin via the ventilation system... 😃
  8. pa28pilot

    Elise cabin filter?

    No filters at all in the S3 Elise/Exige variants. Despite having A/C, we lucky owners all get to enjoy being showered by all the lovely detritus sucked in from just-above-the-numberplate. Look at the upside... being a Lotus, if it had any A/C filtration, you’d never be able to get to it to change it without removing the clamshell and half the cabin! 😊
  9. pa28pilot

    Bodywork Repair

    Lotus Silverstone recommend and use “The Beaconsfield Workshop” - located in Beaconsfield. For Lotus repairs, you’ll not find a better nor more helpful outfit. Dave (the Boss) and his crew specialise in composite, high-end and classic repair. Their body repairs and paint are flawless.

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