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  1. Most likely, your multi-stage Brake Light switch is faulty. The switch provides a signal to the ECU/ABS in addition to triggering the brake lights. The switch generally appears okay to a simple continuity test on both sets of contacts, but contact-phasing is critical. If signalling is out, you get the warning lamp - and shut down of stability and cruise control systems. The first pair of contacts (that directly feed the ECU and nothing else) are normally-closed - and open upon first pressure of the brake pedal. The first pair contacts ensure that Cruise Control is signalled to disengage - prior to closure of the second set of contacts that (a) illuminate the brake lights and (b) provides a trigger input to the ABS control module. Either way, behaviour would suggest that timing is causing an error condition with inputs to the ECU/ABS modules. A new switch is the simple fix - approximately £65 from your favourite Lotus dealer. For info, the switch that came out of my Exige Roadster (same part) has three GM part numbers molded into its casing: 09 132 299 / 09 175 172 / 09 175 185. A trip to your local Vauxhall dealer will likely result is a worthwhile saving.
  2. Interesting - at Easter, £5 bought parking and a C&M sticker in a ziplock bag.
  3. Gets very busy at weekends - and at weekends, if you can get in, it’ll cost you £5 to park.
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