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J M Stott

Induction Or Exhaust

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I know this has been asked many times and your probably all sick of the question but...


I have an Elise 111s, all standard, never been messed with, i am wanting to give the car more of a 'grunt' when its at idle, im not fussed about giving it any extra power (yet phone1.gif ) but just wanted to know what i can do to make it sound better when idle, i have heard about removing the valve on the drivers side exhaust, or putting induction kits on or exhaust etc etc etc, but which route do i go down, at the moment i don't have a big budget (having only bought the car a couple months back) and at some point im sure i will be doing a lot more to it.


Any help would be much appreciated

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Induction won't sound any different really at idle, it's not until high revs and under load you hear the benefits.

The exhaust valve mod takes 2 seconds, just unplug the vacuum pipe from the valve and block it off, a zip tie works.

If you want sound then start with the exhaust. I've just put a janspeed roadsport on my 111s and it isn't that loud until you give it some throttle.

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