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  1. Looks really smart.
  2. Don't discount the IPS, I really love it. Drove a manual LE evora as a loan car the other day I was very happy to be back in mine.
  3. Don't regret my move from exige to evora. I use it everyday and its as quick (on road and track) if not quicker than my old exige yet as comfortable and easy to drive as my old jag xf. Only point to note is you won't get an adult in the back seats. They are for kids only (perfect for my 5 & 7 year olds).
  4. My mum used to drive our one all the time. She used it as her everyday car for about a year until i got too big to go in the back.
  5. My dad ran one from new for his daily for about 5 years, then used it as a weekend car and occasional commuter for about 20 years. One of the most reliable cars he ever had.
  6. Option 2 is the most aesthetically pleasing.
  7. Chartwells on pride park are the high end place in Derby city centre. They are the ferrari and Aston approved body shop. A few of our company exec type cars have gone through there when insurance claims. Always come back as good as new.
  8. Happy for you to dispose of them if no one else wants them as they are the old logo. I already have half a garage full of the current mloc stuff!
  9. Stupid business's decision, if they had charged $20 or something I'm sure you would have done it, but with loads of free hosting places everyone will just move their stuff.
  10. Looks very impressive.
  11. Sounds like head gasket.
  12. No worse that proton owning it I suppose. They've invested heavily in volvo and let them get on with their own thing. Here's hoping...
  13. When i changed from standard s2 exige suspension to nitron one way adjustable (chris hoffman spec) with an uprated arb at the same time it took nearly 2 seconds off my laptime at curborough.
  14. I found 308's and rs14's to be a great balance for road and track.
  15. Yep pro's and con's with every upgrade!
  16. This is why floating discs are only really used on race cars. They will rattle when cold etc. I think you had the 4 pots on he front don't you? The best options are the 308 grooved AP on fixed ally bells or the alcons for another £50.
  17. Still like playing with fire lol
  18. Driving around the alps with mates I met on here and summer evening track days at donington are probably top of my list. Seem to remember taking your for a drive round donington early in your lotus ownership Laura. My favourite was when Steve J was telling me I didn't need to upgrade the brakes on my exige. He took me for a few laps in his exige, bottom of craners into old hairpin he said "look how late I can brake", 2 seconds later we were in the gravel trap!! I did buy the 4pot upgrade after that and glad I did!
  19. The doors sit in a little compared to the rear wheel arch width so you can get out of a tighter space than you'd expect. Where in Nottingham are you? I could potentially meet up and try mine for you.
  20. Same exhaust back box on my evora and you can't deffinetly tell the difference between the two.
  21. So following on from this thread a year ago where i had my seat modified to take a 5 point harness... http://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/64016-evora-seat-modification-for-5-point-harness/ I have finally had made and fitted my removable harness bar. It took a while to find a company that wanted to take on the challenge and agree a design we were both happy with. Last week whilst I was on holiday http://www.sa-motorsport.co.ukwho make race car roll cages made up my harness bar. I really couldn't be happier. It looks great, is very strong and only takes a few minutes to fit or remove. My idea was to use the seat belt anchor locations as these are designed to take the load. The design makes use of the front and rear seat belt mounting points for just the harness shoulder straps. (Actually used the isofix mount next to the rear lower seat belt mount, its the same bit of metal and the load is spread over two bolts and I don't have to touch the seat belt when taking the harness bar in and out.) Waist straps are onto the standard lap strap mount point on buckle side and I had to drill a hole in the steel seat frame in a mirror image location (the evora has a sliding bar type mount for the 3 point belt on the door side). I used Scroth belts and their figure of 8 mounting kit for using the quick connect lap belts. The crotch belt goes though the holes had I had done at Allon White last year, mounted to the steel seat frame work. Cost of the harness bar was £180 including powder coating, which I think is a very acceptable price and i'm sure they will sell quite a few of them now. (On a side note, i can't believe how noisy the cabin is without the rear seats in place (louder than my old exige). No wonder the seats are thick foam as the amount of noise they cut out is amazing. On track i'll run bare metal in the back, but i'm going to cut some carpet to size and velcro in place when using on the road. It'll cut out some of the noise and make the cabin look much more finished.
  22. Your welcome to pop over to have a look one day (I'm in allestree which is the north side of derby). It makes a massive difference for track driving. Steering wheel is now just for steering not for holding on to and supporting yourself. It takes about 15-20 mins to fit or take out now I know what I'm doing. The evora is very good on track, it's quicker than my old exige and that was quicker than just about everything I ever came across.
  23. This is the thread which had been accidentally deleted... http://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/66247-introductions-s1-exige-wanted/
  24. That's brilliant. I love the first screen where it mimics the standard setup.
  25. The topic appears to have been deleted. I can't see why so have reinstated it.