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  1. I did mine a few weeks back, page 8 on this topic...
  2. I presumed you had done something as a few days later it was fine!!
  3. menu bar seems to have gone odd in safari on iPhone. It’s ok on my iPad.
  4. I bought a can of graphite coloured high temp paint which I used for the unswept areas of brake disc. I sprayed some into the cap and used a fine paint brush to paint the lotus letters. Then did two coats of high temp clear gloss over the callipers (the red and graphite was matt so needed to do this anyway, but also sealed the two colours together better hopefully). I used this... https://e-tech.uk.com/e-tech-xht-paint-xtremely-high-temperature-paint https://e-tech.uk.com/e-tech-xht-clear-lacquer-xtremely-high-temperature
  5. Saves a lot of work doing them in situ.
  6. Brake callipers were looking a bit beat up, so a couple of coats of high temp paint later looking good as new.
  7. Option 2 is the most aesthetically pleasing.
  8. So glad you're taking your time (and £) to do it properly Leigh. It's going to be awesome when it's finished. Don't think anyone could call it a replica stratos as it'll be so much better than the originals. "Visually inspired by" might be a more appropriate term...
  9. There is a limit on how many pictures you can post in a row. You can post more now after my reply...
  10. How much money was found under the seats?
  11. That's good news and pretty impressive for what is a fairly niche car.
  12. Yeah totally agree, it'll have horrendous understeer with 48 rears and road tyres on the front.
  13. Takuma Sato missed out on a top ten finish at the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma after being forced to make a pit-stop late in the race. Taku had started 17th at the wheel of his #5 Lotus-backed KV Racing Technology Honda/Dallara but ran consistently in the top ten on his first race outing at Infineon Raceway. However, despite making a number of impressive moves for position during the race, Taku ultimately ended the race in 18th place after being forced to make an unscheduled late stop to replace a punctured tyre. "It was a difficult weekend for our team as we couldn't find the s
  14. Lotus-KV Racing Technology IZOD IndyCar Series rookie Takuma Sato was twentieth in opening practice at Infineon Raceway on Friday ahead Sunday's Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma. The Formula One veteran, who is making debut at the track in the #5 Lotus-KV Racing Technology Honda/Dallara/Firestone car, recorded an average speed of 104.090 mph. "It was a reasonable day," Taku said. "The track conditions were slippery at the beginning of the practice session. But we also had a little struggle with the balance of the car. "At the end, the track and weather conditions got better but we need t
  15. chris_h

    Vehicle Recalls

    Vehicle Recalls Check whether a car has had a manufacturer recall by visiting the following links: VOSA - A general make and model lookup database. (TBD lookup on the lotus uk website)
  16. chris_h

    Driving Techniques

    Understeer Understeer is when traction is lost at the front wheels while cornering, forcing you wide on a bend despite applying the correct steering angle Understeer is most likely to result from the following scenarios (which are more difficult to correct as you move down the list): Accelerating into a bend Braking into a corner Ploughing into a corner too fast Low traction conditions on the corner such as ice or oil What to do in an understeer situation? 1 and 2 are relatively easy to fix - stop doing them! 3 and 4, the bottom line is that it may all be too
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