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  1. un1eash

    Unit 4 Lotus Speacialist

    You want Hawkins Lane for Gav, top man.
  2. un1eash

    Does Elise 111s s2 have airbags?

    No it doesn't, no k series Elise had airbags. Later toyota engined cars had airbags when they updated the dash for the US market.
  3. Now that's a rare site, your Elise on the road. 4 years living on the next street over and still don't think I've seen it yet.
  4. I was going to ask the same as I know its not in Abbey Park like google maps suggest. Is it of Slater Street or around the back of VW?
  5. He is a top man, i travel around 30 miles to see him but well worth it. He's fixed an annoying rattle for me now and also fitted a pre cat o2 sensor. If your reading this Gav my misfire issues have been resolved and the cars running 100% now.

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