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  1. OBD2 adaptor for 2001 Elise?

    That's the one I have and it worked on my 2005, is yours a v1.5 or v2.1 because I've had issues using the newer v2.1 ones.
  2. New Daily.....it's rapid ;)

    That M3 looks awesome, love the colour, they should all be loud colours. Im on my 4th BMW now, always been a fan from working on E30's back when in university. Ive had a 2007 E85 Z4, 2008 E92 320d M Sport and currently a 2017 M140i and 2016 F11 520d M Sport. Got rid of my E92 for a GT86 when we got the F11 and always missed it, I still think its one of the best looking cars on the road. Didn't get on with the GT86 so started looking at another BMW. Because of the silver wing mirrors and bumper fins I don't think black grills will suit my white M140i.
  3. New Daily.....it's rapid ;)

    I went with my mate a couple months ago to buy a 440i GC, put pretty much every option on it. Apart from the HUD and extras its pretty much the same as my M140i inside as far as quality and controls go. Only 322bhp/450nm which I remind him off all the time.
  4. New Daily.....it's rapid ;)

    Part of the reason I buy or lease newer cars now, I don't want any unexpected bills and will most likely trade in the M140i once its out of warranty. Guy at work asked me today if that was my new car in the carpark today, said 1 series are for girls. I just said you clearly don't know your cars. The M140i is perfect for me right now, I didn't have time to use the Elise as it should be. Now I can drop the little one of at nursery then take the long way to work and have some fun.
  5. New Daily.....it's rapid ;)

    I wouldn't consider VW top of the game when it comes to hot hatches, the bench mark seems to be ford these days with its Focus RS and Fiesta ST.
  6. New Daily.....it's rapid ;)

    I contacted cotswold BMW through the babybmw forum as they offer discount and ordered the parts from them, cost £145 delivered but you don't really need the 4 plastic trim clips unless you break the old ones on removal. Local sytner quoted £165. 1 x 33326797099 Tension strut1 x 33326793651 Pushrod left1 x 33326793652 Pushrod right2 x 33306861221 Torx bolt4 x 51118174185 Expanding plastic rivet 2 x 07147201307 White plastic parts Very easy to fit, I ended up doing it on the driveway, didn't even need to jack the car up to get access and took about 1.5 hours. If you have access to a ramp would take half that time. Been for a blast tonight and would definitely recommend it, car feels more focussed now. I can't decide if the performance black grills would look right on alpine white with the silver wing mirrors and bumper fins. If I had any other colour I'd have fit them by now.
  7. New Daily.....it's rapid ;)

    Picked mine up on 31st March, B58 M140i manual, 335bhp/369 ftlb. We also have a 2016 520d Tourer and this feels just as quality but so much smoother. It has a lot of rear end grip considering the power. Plan to leave it standard but have fitted the under body rear strut brace from the 3dr which stiffens up the rear end and makes it more planted and less sloppy when on the power. I went in looking at used cars on 27th, agreed a deal on the 28th for this new in stock car and was driving away in it on the 31st with my private plate fitted.
  8. Paint Improvement Advice

    Do love a beemer, sold my 320d Coupe when i got the other half a 520d Tourer, looking at getting a M140i now.
  9. Paint Improvement Advice

    This was the kit I bought. It really is good for novice like me, I was worried of doing damage but it is near impossible to do any damage. http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=1212 If you check out detailing world forum there's usually 5-10% discount codes. There are some really in depth videos on youtube by a guy called jankman2000 who goes through every aspect of using a machine polisher. Pads are universal you just need to make sure you have the right size backing plate, most come with a 5" plate so 5-6" pads are used.
  10. Paint Improvement Advice

    I recently purchased a das6 machine polisher along with Meguiars 105 and 205 polish. After cleaning and before polishing I use a farecla g3 clay mitt for its ease and quickness. I use hex logic pads, an orange one with the the 105 for paint correction then a white pad with the 205 to finish. To seal if I have time I use collinite 476s wax or if in in a rush gtechniq c2v3
  11. Hgf Brewing Maybe

    Ollie did the headgasket on my old 111s before I bought it. I had no issues for the 4 years I had it.
  12. The Exige Is For Sale.

    Mine sold within 6 hours of putting up an Ad. Maybe should of held out for more money but the car was wanting a set of tyres and C service. Would love to get an Evora but looks like a Cayman is on the cards now.
  13. Now that's a rare site, your Elise on the road. 4 years living on the next street over and still don't think I've seen it yet.
  14. I was going to ask the same as I know its not in Abbey Park like google maps suggest. Is it of Slater Street or around the back of VW?
  15. He is a top man, i travel around 30 miles to see him but well worth it. He's fixed an annoying rattle for me now and also fitted a pre cat o2 sensor. If your reading this Gav my misfire issues have been resolved and the cars running 100% now.