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  1. Do love a beemer, sold my 320d Coupe when i got the other half a 520d Tourer, looking at getting a M140i now.
  2. This was the kit I bought. It really is good for novice like me, I was worried of doing damage but it is near impossible to do any damage. http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=1212 If you check out detailing world forum there's usually 5-10% discount codes. There are some really in depth videos on youtube by a guy called jankman2000 who goes through every aspect of using a machine polisher. Pads are universal you just need to make sure you have the right size backing plate, most come with a 5" plate so 5-6" pads are used.
  3. I recently purchased a das6 machine polisher along with Meguiars 105 and 205 polish. After cleaning and before polishing I use a farecla g3 clay mitt for its ease and quickness. I use hex logic pads, an orange one with the the 105 for paint correction then a white pad with the 205 to finish. To seal if I have time I use collinite 476s wax or if in in a rush gtechniq c2v3
  4. Ollie did the headgasket on my old 111s before I bought it. I had no issues for the 4 years I had it.
  5. Mine sold within 6 hours of putting up an Ad. Maybe should of held out for more money but the car was wanting a set of tyres and C service. Would love to get an Evora but looks like a Cayman is on the cards now.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Everyman racing seems good as its local but it gets slated by online reviews.
  7. My sister would like to treat her husband to a supercar driving experience day so i'd like to get any advice or experiences from people that may have been on such a day. So far I've come up with https://www.experiencemegastore.com/ which currently has 10% off thanks to Seloc. They all seem to be a 3 lap/mile per car affair so any advice would be much appreciated as i'd like the day to be one he won't soon forget. Thanks.
  8. You wouldnt want a Lotus tool for this as they'll likely fail after a few months.
  9. Im using 15w50 fully synth Motul ordered from Graeme Laslett on here. 5w40 fully synth is also recommended for the k series.
  10. Look like the ones on the M1 north of leicester heading to nottingham. When they were first installed they were being tested and constantly going off.
  11. Reminds me also I need a new service extension book.
  12. I plan to drive it but thats prooving harder all the time especially now I have a 10 month old. I do nursery drop offs 4 days a week so that rules out taking it to work and weekends barely see me going out on my own these days. Maybe an Evora or Cayman would suit my current situation more.
  13. Could be low on gas, you can bridge the trinary valve under the front inspection panels to test that everything else is working ok.
  14. The service on the 111S is due in november and so far ive only covered 500 miles this year taking the mileage to 37,475. The car has full service with it having a B service last year after only doing 600 miles, cambelt was done 4 years ago at 32,900 miles. Technically its due a cambelt and A service but im reluctant to do it considering the mileage its covered. Do you think skipping a service will affect its value and sale ability? This winter I was going to refresh the pads/disc along with a new set of rubber in the new year along with a possible wheel refurb.
  15. I think if it hasnt happened by now and is kept in a garage it should be fine. My 2005 has a couple small blisters that havent got any worse since the day I bought it 4 years ago.