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Gpan3 Fitting With Pics

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I originally tagged this on the bottom of my group buy suggestion thread, but then realised that probably wasn't the best place for it so thought I'd create a new topic...


I spent the bank holiday weekend fitting the gPAN3 I received a few weeks back. Typically it turned into an absolute nightmare job as 2 of the original oil sump studs were seized and sheared in the block. Things got worse from there with drill bits breaking in one of the holes and so on. Eventually I triumphed and managed to do a solid repair of the threads with a couple of helicoils - these are fantastic things and those 2 holes probably have the best threads of any of the sump fixings now. Anyway here are the pics! -


gPAN3 as received (but without windage tray fitted at this stage) -






Original sump to be removed -




A very handy lighting array I made up a while ago -




Sump off, threads fixed and all cleaned up ready for the gPAN (it did get another final clean immediately before fitting) -



Gasket in place (hand is getting steadier!) -




And finally sump in place looking very nice and shiney biggrin.png -




One question does come to mind, has anyone who has fitted this sump (or any other baffled sump for that matter as I expect for this it will be the same) managed to refit the flywheel inspection cover? It would appear to me that due to the increased flange thickness the cover will need modifying but I thought I'd ask before getting the dremel out!


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