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Found 15 results

  1. Mark H


    Poor Exige needs some new headlights, the current ones have rusted pretty badly all of a sudden. I wonder what Santa can sort me out with
  2. Mark H

    It Wont Start

    Lucky me, Exige wont start! Same problem I had before that it turns over but wont fire, tried the obvious things but no luck. Last time it was a duff fuse and then the second time it happenned it just fixed itself. RAC here I come Oh yeh and its got a misting of the oil/water so HGF in the future anyone? whole engine needs a good revamp really, better start saving some more £.
  3. Guest

    Running Costs

    Just worked out using Microsoft Money how much my Elise and Exige have cost me to run over the years. This is maintenance only (including tyres), not addons, petrol, insurance or anything else.Elise - 3 Years 55k miles I think I drove it for (might be slightly off)£7,715 / 3 years = £2,571 per year£7,715 / 55k miles = £0.1402 per mileExige - 2 years 40k miles £6,956 / 2 years = £3,478 per year£6,956 / 40k miles = £0.1739 per mileTotal of £14,671 for five years running costsElise had one years warranty and the Exige two, otherwise it would have been much higher!
  4. Guest

    Coolant Part 2

    New coolant cap fixed the hissing cap problem. Few weeks later and the top hose of the radiator has come off. Joy.......Thats both of them that have come off now, luckily I noticed right away both times. This time however it seems there is a misting of oil/water around the head gasket. :(Engine sounds like a bag of nails some days as well due to piston slap, warranty ended just the other day so give it a week til it all goes Pete Tong no doubt! So skint!!
  5. Guest

    More Woes?

    Car wouldnt start the other day, similar problem to before. Engine had power but no spark, this time the fuse behind the seats hadnt gone. After ten minutes or so of playing around it starts but no obvious reason why it wouldnt start. Same thing last time and was fine for like 6 months afterwards until now, has been fine since!Coolant cap was hissing last night, had pressure this morning when I took the cap off when it was cold and the coolant is stable so far. Has been fine since then and no hissing at all, will keep an eye on it.MOT booked, more A048 rear "butter" tyres and general bits and bobs need sorting. Where is my overdraft again
  6. Guest

    Ghost Fog Lights!

    As posted in technical I have a problem I've not heard of people having before:
  7. Guest


    Doh, seem to have a misfire at certain revs, need to investigate further as it only started this morning. Seems like the rev limiter is kicking in as its like the car hits a brick wall but only it low gears it seems. Quite happy on the motorway so far.
  8. Guest

    No Stack?

    Started it up and I thought it weird that my battery light was staying on for longer than usual as it started.Looked again and I had no stack lights, no speedo (that was stuck at 60mph, no rev counter (stuck at 3000 rpm) , no other warning lights, mileage, fuel gauge the lot! Doh me thinks, as I'm driving along hoping the stack isnt bust!Drove home guessing my speed, after a quick check I find a fuse had blown to the stack, didnt have any spares in the box though so after a trip to Halfrauds its back up and running phew! I know have lots of random fuses and the fuse box diagram in my car to go with all the other bits and bobs you tend to need to carry along if you drive a Lotus
  9. Guest


    DOH! First time I've ever left my lights on, thank £$%^ for jump leads for getting it back up and running in minutes. Pain in the arse to get to the battery to jump it though, managed to break the clip on the leads trying to get it on the battery terminal.
  10. Guest

    Yoko A048's

    Well that was fun, first time in the wet with them last night, just how wet was it! Deffo have to drive more carefully when the roads have standing water as you can feel the car go light through the puddles.Grip in the dry is amazing though, you can full throttle out of the corners and it just grips and grips!
  11. Guest

    2nd Hgf?

    Driving along towards Bromsgrove and the temp starts rising, was fine a few minutes previously. Got to the A38 island to go towards NW direction and the temp is up to 105, by the time I reach NW its at 125 and flashing so I pull over and abandon it and get a lift home.Just my luck it will be another HGF, will be one every 20k miles at this rate :(It was too dark to diagnose anything, engine revs were low but it was running ok otherwise, the coolant cap/area was hissing but it was just too dark to see if anything was in the oil or coolant. The caps were too hot to take off to check and its pitch black even with a torch. Didnt look like I had lost any coolant but who knows until I can look again.Will see what they think in the morning
  12. Guest

    New Tyres

    Yokohama A048's should be fitted today, be good to see what they are like when they are scrubbed in Thank $%&^ for warrantys with the heater unit replacement costing £700! £300 part and the rest labour, I think I would be leaving it and wearing more jumpers otherwise! :cold:New Oil leak on the engine discovered now as well
  13. Guest

    More $£

    Add to the pile of done/todo:A serviceO/S/F Wheel bearingNew front discs and padsOil Cooler is leaking at the jointSplit track rod end gaiterHeater dial no longer turns because the plastic unit has come away from the metal inside.Aircon really needs regassing/cleaning soon because its useless now, used to be ok!A048 tyres on backorder.
  14. Guest

    Money Pit

    The Exige seems like a bottomless money pit at the moment, in the last few months:Caught on fireNew ClutchNew Alternator (Warranty phew)This weekA serviceNew set of tyresI have let it off for now though after last night hooning it down the lanes
  15. Guest

    Welcome To The Mloc Blogs

    Pretty pictures of my Exige for you to look at while I get the rest of the Blog working on the site
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