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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024

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More Woes?



Car wouldnt start the other day, similar problem to before. Engine had power but no spark, this time the fuse behind the seats hadnt gone. After ten minutes or so of playing around it starts but no obvious reason why it wouldnt start. Same thing last time and was fine for like 6 months afterwards until now, has been fine since!Coolant cap was hissing last night, had pressure this morning when I took the cap off when it was cold and the coolant is stable so far. Has been fine since then and no hissing at all, will keep an eye on it.MOT booked, more A048 rear "butter" tyres and general bits and bobs need sorting. Where is my overdraft again :)


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Yeh and me, didnt do it all day yesterday but did it again this morning. Just trying to find somewhere that has a new cap that I can pick up, local Halfrauds didnt, will try the local Rover dealer.

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