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Spray Bar Conversion



01.jpgThinking of fitting the spray bar conversion to my car (as posted on SELOC), with the number of miles I do in my car I'm sick of never being able to see out of the windscreen, hopefully this will help! The washer jets are forever spraying more water over the roof than they do on the windscreen!All you need is:Citroen part no. N93780 bx washer jet spray barand a bit of tubing to connect it to the existing pipework. Worth a try for £10 :)

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Wow what a difference, screen is crystal clear now with it fitted and took all of 10 mins.


One quick squirt and the screen is clear rather than the hit and miss cleaning it did before with the usual smear across the top of the screen. Seems to clear the whole screen well!


Off to Crawley on Monday so that will be a good test. Deffo worth doing if you do a lot of miles!



Ordered online at www.gsfcarparts.com

Citroen part no. N93780 bx washer jet spray bar


A bit of 4.7mm tubing pipe from Halfords and a connector block to connect the new pipe to the old (also from Halfords)

A few cable ties and voila :)



Just detach the black pipe that comes with the bar and fit a bit of the new pipe on. Put a hole in the plastic drip tray at the bottom of the screen by the clam and connect to the existing washer pipe that you disconnect from the old washer jets.


Job done.

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