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2nd Hgf?

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Driving along towards Bromsgrove and the temp starts rising, was fine a few minutes previously. Got to the A38 island to go towards NW direction and the temp is up to 105, by the time I reach NW its at 125 and flashing so I pull over and abandon it and get a lift home.Just my luck it will be another HGF, will be one every 20k miles at this rate :(It was too dark to diagnose anything, engine revs were low but it was running ok otherwise, the coolant cap/area was hissing but it was just too dark to see if anything was in the oil or coolant. The caps were too hot to take off to check and its pitch black even with a torch. Didnt look like I had lost any coolant but who knows until I can look again.Will see what they think in the morning :)

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Woo can you say broken coolant pipe, seems NW must have knocked it when they replaced the heater matrix.

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