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28th - 30th June 2024

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New Version Of This Site



Will post some preview screenshots up in the coming weeks. The front end will be changing slightly, a more professional look but not losing its current theme.The backend should be much slicker, a lot of it has been rewritten using something called "ajax", if you have used Google Maps then you have used this, basically its a way of interacting with the server on the fly without reloading the page.I.e. in Google maps as you scroll around the maps they keep loading but the actual page doesnt reload. In the forums terms this will introduce things like, create a new private message and start typing somebodys name in, a list will drop down showing you the names that match as you type the characters in, allowing you to find who you want much quicker.Other things such as to make it act much more like a desktop application, to edit a topic title for example you will just hold your mouse button down, very much like you would in Windows and the topic title will turn into an edit box. In the long run I'm sure applications will be based on the web a lot more, this is the very first step in that direction.Another neat feature will be a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for typing in posts. Instad of having to remember all the codes for making your text red and bold etc, you will simply just select your text and click the bold and red buttons. This will then show the text on screen in bold and red, that way you know what you are seeing on screen is what you will get when you hit the post button, you wont have to worry about typing in the confusing forums codes which many people struggle with. For the techies you can still type the codes in of course :)Should be a good few weeks before its in a good enough shape for it to go live as it takes a lot of time to get up and running on the test machine first. I do it in my spare time which with weddings and house moving is getting a bit limited. :)


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