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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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Engine Steady Mounts



Now that the engine is settled in and the lower wishbones are in place (covered in a future entry), its time to complete the securing of the engine.


The kit comes with the two main engine mounts at the top, and two steady arms at the bottom of the engine.


First up is the mount that secures to the chassis cross brace, in line with the firewall.


Prior to the installation of the engine, I drilled two holes to receive a 'U' shape bracket to which the arm is secured to...




Now, it was just a matter of pushing the arm into the bracket, bolt in place and bolt two bolts into the engine.


I used locktite in all occasion to ensure that the bolts do now work themselves loose...


You can see the bracket on the background...




Two bolts into the engine...




The second arm was also pretty straight forward.


Firstly, it was a matter of mock the installation first to allow the marking of the sub frame where the three bolts would go through.


Once done, it was a matter of drilling the three holes through the underside of the sub-frame.


TIP: Use a small drill bit first to give you more control of the drill and once it goes through, you can replace it with a larger bit to enlarge the hole. It works pretty well for me.




The three holes through the subframe...




Bolt the arm to the sub frame with two plates either side of the mount. Note that the nut on the far right has been placed on the inside to give it a little bit more protection from the exhaust heat...





Closer look....




Once happy, it was a matter of bolting the arm to the two bots attached to the gearbox housing...




That engine is not going anywhere!


I pretty happy with that now and as for the engine mounting, there is no more to do. Its a wrap and can officially pronounce it job done! :D


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