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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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Sub Frame Modification



Pretty much all the conversion kits require some type of sub-frame modifications. With the Stark kit, the only modification required is the enlargement of the nearside driveshaft hole to allow for any movements whilst the car is in transit.


This is a pretty simple task.


Firstly, I cut a series of cuts a long the area required to be removed...




It should be noted that the reason that I did this was because I did not really want to use a Dremmel on it. If you do, it would be just a matter of cutting out the section as you would expect.


With my method, once I had a number of slits, I then used a pair of players to bend them back and forth until they broke off. Once this was done, I used a file to smooth out the area...




As simple as that. Job done! :D


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