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  1. Amazing work. Thats some bedtime reading for sure.
  2. Oh nice. I have never been in, nor driven an Evora. Congrats. Let me get 'life' out of the way and come out to play - 2020 ☺️
  3. Wow, there is life after the plastic cars it seems! The Vantage has great rumble to it (although not as fast at the Honda Elise you had πŸ˜› ). The Stratos is born! I am sure you have a blog somewhere about it. Send me the link. Thats going to be a keeper I am sure with the Alpha engine in the bay. Congrats! πŸ‘πŸΎ
  4. Hey Phil! Good to hear from you. You went big power Subaru route I seem to remember. I hope all is well. With regards to the event this year, I am not going to make it. I am still sorting a few things out, but perhaps next year. It would be good to see you again.
  5. Hey all. Good to hear from you guys. All good. Being focused on family and health stuff for a while, so not really been doing 'car stuff'. But all good all things considering.
  6. Just realised, it's been 10 years, to the month, since the original conversion. Apart from normal bits that required replacing, it hasn't done too badly indeed.
  7. All, It has been some time since I last updated the blog. All these years on, the little Lotus is still going strong. She is now 20 years old and looks and drives as good as ever. The love for this iconic car remains. My days of mods and getting under the car every weekend are over I think. I now simply enjoy the ownership experience and driving! Oh, I also do a little bit of polishing - just a little. This car is simply pure magic and medicine to all gloominess. 😁
  8. And we are off!! Nice one Leigh. Yup, photos, photos, photos (it's a man thing) This should be another epic build blog.
  9. Seen the engine. It a hefty ol' lump. I agree with Gav, majority of the bits that you seem to want to retain, you are not going to retain - i.e. you are going to replace with new
  10. mambosasa

    IMG 4993

    Lotus Elise S1 - Lucy
  11. mambosasa

    IMG 4992

    Lotus Elise S1 - Lucy
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