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28th - 30th June 2024
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Intermediate Drive Shaft Heat Shielding



One of the biggest problems with the Honda conversions is the amount of heat generated by the engine. The drive shafts are particularly vulnerable to this, especially the intermediate one.


The intermediate drive shaft sits directly behind the exhaust manifold and as such soaks up the majority of the heat generated by the exhaust pipes.


The Honda engine comes with a standard, black shielding, however given its colour, its always a good idea to try to either change the colour ( powder coat it silver perhaps) or the route I chose with is to cover it with Nimbus.


This was quite straight forward. I firstly cut an appropriately sizes piece and then patiently moulded it onto the original shield, following the contours.


I then drilled a series of holes and riveted the Nimbus on to the original shielding.


The finish job turned out okay...








Happy with that. Job done :D


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