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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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Geal Linkage Installation Cont...



After removal of the old cables, it was then a matter of fishing through the new cables into the cabin and bolting them in place.


It should be noted that the new linkage come with extremely large sets of bolts that hold the cable into position (the original ones used a clip that you push from the top). I found this to be extremely tight and painful to tighten. I will get further information from Stark as to how best to completely get the bolts secured. As it stands, they are all hand tight only and I used locktite to hold them in place.


TIP: Unbolt the handbrake leaver and push to one side to provide more room to work from.






And bolted to the reassembled cross gate arm and the modification...


Note the filler modification insert following my mistake.




Now bolted. Note that the gear selection cable is also in place...




Gear selection cable being pushed on to the gear leaver...




The cables are then secured to the gear linkage assembly and rods connected.




At this point, it followed about an hour of adjusting all the cables, bolts until full range of movement is achieved and selection to all gears.


I believe that further adjustments may be required at a later date.


For now, I can call this job done! :D


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