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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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Sub Frame Painting



I had a long think about what I do with the sub-frame. Looking at it, yeah its dirty, but in pretty good shape all round.


So the options are:-


1. Leave as is - Since I intend to keep the car for some time and the clam is off, it seems a shame not to do something to it.


2. Get it powder coated - Nice idea, durable and good finish. The problem I had with this is that you would have to remove the sub-frame, send it away, wait, wait and wait then get it back and install! :( Sounded a bit too long for me to be honest and cost more money.


3. Paint it in-situ! This ended up to be my favourite option. It meant that I wouldn't have to remove it off the chassis, it would be immediate and would only cost me a tin of paint. Job done!


So I purchased a tin of POR15, in black and armed with a brush I attacked it with all my might!


Prior to any painting, I spent some time cleaning the sub-frame with brake disc cleaner and removed all debris and oil from the surface. I then gave the whole thing a good going over with a wire brush.


It wasn't perfect, but it was clean and free from the oil.


The start...






Took my time trying not to drip too much and getting into every corner...




Going on nicely...






After 30 minutes or so of painting, the first coat is complete and looking as I hoped. It is suggested that you paint two coats, however if it dries okay, I may just touch it up and leave it as that.


I am quite pleased with this.










Job done! :D


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