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28th - 30th June 2024

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seloc_logo.gifIf your an avid reader of SELOC you may have noticed that I am now the regional liaison for the Midlands on SELOC. Now listed on here http://www.seloc.org/contacts.phpHopefully this should allow us to work closer with SELOC to bring benefits for all Lotus owners. It makes sense for us to be part of the SELOC regional setup to help other regions get going and to the same level as MLOC by providing our existing knowledge/experience. :)B) In return we get more exposure as a region and thus more members.I am looking at the possibility of having shared logins with SELOC but I have a bit more work on the forums that needs to be done before that can be investigated, maybe in a few months if SELOC's setup will allow this.Dont worry we wont be merging with SELOC. I dont think anyone would vote for a merging with SELOC as it works well as "your club" without the politics that can over shadow us otherwise.Better to work with :) other Lotus clubs for the better of everyone than against them B) in my opinion. We have no intention of being another SELOC just a regional Midlands group, I think this works well. :)Feel free to add your comments/ideas.


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Mark, i agree with your views regarding MLOC and SELOC. I think the reason MLOC is becoming so popular is its friendly and intimate feel, if you get my drift. I do use SELOC but feel it is more unpersonal. That may be because of its size relative to MLOC. Leave MLOC the way it is. Pretty please :)

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Yeh I think part of it is down to the smaller size but also that a lot of people have met each other face to face due to the locality.


I guess it helps to make the place more friendly so we dont get much trouble and thus we dont have much moderation. :) I think this helps to give it a "your club" atmosphere because we dont have much of a hierarchy of staff.

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