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Carbon Lorraine Pads - Cl5



So, nothing seems to divide opinions more that what brake (friction pads) to use for what application. I for one, have tried various compounds over the years and yet to really settle with a favourite.


Of late, I have been running SBS Pros all round and to be honest, I found them to be a big step from the Green stuff I used to have. Once hot, they have pretty good and progressive feel, with very little fade when pushing hard on track. To be honest, the only issue that I have with them is that they squeal a lot under normal driving. This does prove quite tiresome after a while.


Anyway, although they are not completely gone, I decided to swap up (I hope) to CL5. Search online and the forums are full of in-depth details on CL5s. All-in-all, general opinion is rather positive.




Pros I could find:-


1. Work well from the off. No need to get them hot before receiving good bite from them.

2. Good for fast road and track.

3. No fade under heavy use.





1. For some reason, they seem to rattle a lot. It is recommended that you use a fair bit of anti rattle pads to keep the movements to a minimum.

2. Some batches (not sure how wide spread this issue is) seem to result in crumbling pads! I hope that this has now been resolved.


Anyway, I got Gavin at Unit 4 to swap them over for me and as expected, he had to order additional anti-rattle pads to stop the clunking caused by cross drilled discs as you drive.






Initial thoughts.


I am yet to really push on these pads, however the initial feel is every good. I certainly seem to get better under-foot feel and has smoothed out the heal & toe change down under breaking. I will update this entry once I get more mileage and perhaps a couple on track action.


As it stands, I am pleased with the swap and its money well spent.


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