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Oil Pressure Gauge



Some years back, I knocked up digital gauges that I managed to squeeze in dash and covered with sunglasses lens.


I was very keen not to have additional gauges mounted on the dash, spoiling the interior simplicity of the S1 dash. By getting the digital gauge 'hidden' in the dash, they are only visible once the car is on, however they are completely disguised when the car is off. The overall effect is pretty good.










When I originally installed the gauges, I run the wire for the sender unit through the centre tunnel and into the engine bay. This has remained in this state for a number of years, I guess waiting for me to bother to do something with it.


Anyway, following the conversion and the SC installation, I decided to get the right bits and pieces to get it working.


Required kit:-


1. Oil filter sandwich plate (got mine from eBay)


2. Due to engine vibrations and the weight of the oil pressure sender unit, it is important to ensure that the vibration of the engine does not cause joint failure. I isolating the installation, I opted for a length of tube that will screw onto the sandwich plate on one side and the other, the pressure sender. Speed-flow made up something for me that seems to be just the ticket.




3. Oil pressure sender. I bought this as part of the original gauge purchase.


The installation.


Again, due to work commitment, I did not have the time to do this work myself. So, I turned to trusty Gavin again.



Due to previous work, I already had the remote oil filter mount installed (see separate entry) so it was a matter of using the sandwich plate and bolt the setup together.




If you have an oil filter on the original location, you may struggle to get enough room to fit a sandwich plate and the oil filter without hitting the subframe.


Installation in place...





Oil filter now in place. Note that the extension is run separately in isolating the transmission of vibration through the install.






At start up, the oil pressure seem to start off at around 99, but then settles at around 55 once warm. At high speed, it goes back up again to round 99. The gauge works pretty well, but I am sure it will just give me something else to worry about :)


As for now, I am pretty happy that this installation is finally complete!!


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