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Aluminium Indicator Stalks

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Hey all.


What happens when I get bored? I buy something new for the car. Anyway, this time, after getting the inspiration from someone on SELOC, I decided to change my plastic indicator stalks.


Now, if I was to be honest, the original Vauxhall stalks are not too bad. They are functional and work pretty well. However, this is an Elise and if it could be changed, change it!!!


So, I rang up a few breakers yard for TVR Tuscan aluminium indicator stalks and after only a couple of calls, I located one for £45.00 plus VAT. Not bad to be honest.


I was pretty pleased with what turned up. They came full with the switches, which coincidentally are exactly the same as the Lotus ones. Very nice.


Comparing to the originals, they are very close in terms of size and I think look so much better...






Me like B)


So, on with the installation. This is pretty simple. In fact, its probably the simplest thing I have had to do on the car.


Shroud removal


I am not really sure if this is what its known as, however its removal its pretty easy and took about 5 minutes.


Just remove all the screws that you can see and remove the top half completely off the steering wheel column.


Be gentle as these bits are pretty flimsy.










Once the shroud is clear, gently squeeze the clips at the top and the bottom of the switch, then slide out.


Be careful not to yank the cables as you do this. After all, these cars are not 'young' you know! :D






Then, unclip the wires from the switch.


Note: make sure you know where they came from and don't end up in a muddle when it comes to replacing them.





Clip the new one on...




And slide back in place until it clicks in.


Quick comparison photos...








Do the same for the other side.


Once done, remove the rubber boot at the bottom of the original stalks and push them through the new ones.




Then, just replace the shroud (reverse of removal) and job is a gooden!!:clap::clap:












I think they look pretty good. The feel somewhat different to the original ones due to the cut out at the back, but apart from that, I am pretty happy.


I can definitely call this job done!!:afro:

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No wonder you need to add a supercharger - all this trinketry must be adding sooooooo much extra weight :P


Seriously Bis - that looks really good :clap:

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Thank you Sir. They actually seem about the same weight to me. Not enough to counter act the weight around my waist :D

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