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Lotus in the Peak
30th June-2nd July 2023

MLOC Calendar 2024 - Photos required!


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As some of the more eagle-eyed have already noticed, it's that time of year again - we need your photos submitting for consideration for next year's calendar.

The gallery to submit them to is here: https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/gallery/category/641-2024-calendar-images-wanted-copy/

Photos from MLOC or non-MLOC events are all welcome, but please note the 'rules' below.

Thanks in advance, and please get submitting!

The small print:

Please make sure you can supply a reasonably high res version if your photo is chosen.
You must be the copyright owner of the photograph.
No commercial entries are allowed.
We (the Directors) will select 13 photos (one per month plus the cover) from those submitted.
In submitting your photograph you agree to allow MLOC non-exclusive rights to use your photograph. (In other words, you give us permission to use it, but it can still be used elsewhere - it's yours after all.)


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On 30/10/2023 at 12:56, GCCK said:

Thread drift: How much will the 2023 calendar cost and when will it be on sale?

Hi. The calendars will cost £12.50 each, or one is provided free of charge if you are a fully paid-up member.

Full membership costs £12.00 per year. All the details on membership can be found here: https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/membership/

As to when it will go on sale, that is entirely dependent on how quickly we can get 13 suitable photos (in un-molested, original form if possible), get the artwork created and get it sent off to the printers. Some years that can take somewhat longer than others!!!

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By the way - an insider tip: We try (as much as possible) to choose photos that suit the respective month. In other words, we try not to have a photo taken on a lovely summer's day for the January photo.

So, because we don't tend to get as many autumn / winter / rainy / stormy / frosty / snowy photos, any that do get submitted naturally have less competition 😉

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