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28th - 30th June 2024
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Mark H
Mark H

Lotus Eletre: First Uk Customer Drives Take Place

  • First UK customers get behind the wheel of Eletre, the much-anticipated all-electric hyper-SUV from Lotus
  • Test drive event was held in conjunction with the Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • Visit  www.lotuscars.com and register to be kept informed of further UK test drives

Hethel, UK – 14 July 2023  Lotus has held its first ever UK test drives for its hyper-SUV – the Lotus Eletre – at the Goodwood Motor Circuit yesterday.

Potential customers were able to experience the hyper-SUV’s exceptional performance and immersive digital cockpit, as part of a new electric vehicle experience staged in conjunction with the Festival of Speed.

Initial feedback on the Eletre was overwhelmingly positive, with drivers praising the car’s seamless and swift acceleration, precise handling and dynamic capabilities. Their comments mirror those of global motoring media, who published their first reviews of the luxury SUV earlier this week.

Mr M, who has an Eletre R on order commented: “The luxury interior is astounding; the whole cabin is incredible. The driving experience is so light and responsive with brilliant visibility, it really clings to the road. Instant acceleration, super luxury, enjoyment personified. I can’t wait for my Eletre R to arrive.”

Ms T said, “Driving the Eletre was top of my list today, I visited one of the Eletre presentations at the end of last year, but I have to say driving it has really made up my mind. Well done Lotus!”

Mr A commented, “I am blown-away by the car! The sound system is mind-blowing and the drive experience was excellent!”

Mr & Ms said, “We absolutely loved the Eletre and we're delighted we've had the chance to drive it today. The car was more than we could have hoped for. It has that Lotus spirit and it’s exciting to drive.”

The Lotus Eletre is the first of a new breed of pure electric performance SUVs. It takes the core principles and Lotus DNA from 75 years of sports car design and engineering, evolving them into a desirable lifestyle vehicle.

It is aimed at a new generation of Lotus customers; those who value the world-class dynamic performance and striking design which have always been part of the Lotus experience, and who also need a practical, versatile and spacious family-focused vehicle – one that is packed with the latest digital technology to make their driving life safer and more convenient.

The Eletre is a true Lotus. It takes the heart and soul of the latest Lotus sports car, the Emira, and the revolutionary aerodynamics of the all-electric Evija hypercar and reinterprets them as a hyper-SUV. It delivers class-leading ride and handling, steering and aero performance – areas of automotive design and engineering where Lotus has both pioneered and dominated throughout its 75-year history in road and race cars. It is also the epitome of beautiful design, efficient and elegant engineering solutions, advanced materials, innovation and ingenuity.

First customer deliveries of the hyper-SUV are expected in the coming months.  Sign up now to experience the critically acclaimed Lotus Eletre via: https://www.lotuscars.com/en-GB/eletre/newsletter-sign-up



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    Guys, I am planning a break in the lakes district for a chill drive taking in the views. I am wondering if anyone has driven all the popular passes in an S2 Exige? Any I should skip for sure? Cheers

    Touring 1


    Firstly, I just thought I’d make a post to say thanks for letting me join, seems like a friendly forum. I don’t own an Elise currently, but ever since I had some passenger laps around donington park as a teenager a good 15 years ago I’ve always wanted one. Currently have an mr2 and want to stick with a Toyota engine, so I gather I’m looking at an S or 111r model? Hope to see some people at some meets soon.

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    S1 Type 49 Elise Refresh

    And so the winter refresh of my S1 Elise started today. Hoping to take front clam of tomorrow. However of the 4 lower bolts that hold the lower rear to the chassis, 2 are spinning and 2 won't budge despite copious amounts of penetrative oil over the last few months. The Eagle eyed will spot my Dremel tool which I'm not looking forward to using to remove 4 bolt heads that have limited access. Currently on my list are replacing the driving lights brackets, shot blast and paint the tow post, n

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    Exige Spec - Poss Trim upgrade?

    I’ve been to see a S2 Exige today. Cosmetically, I can’t fault it. It’s a 08MY so has the twin airbag dash and a few nice upgrades (carbon bits/upgraded intercooler etc…). The major downside is it isn’t a TOURING spec car. No carpet, no driving lights, no aircon and no leather!!!  IMHO the seats look awful (charcoal fabric). The centre console (gear-lever/handbrake) are not lined with leather either so internally, it all looks and feels a bit low budget. Should I move on and keep looking or try

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    Exige 350 soft top - advice needed

    Morning everyone, does anyone know if the soft top fitted to the Elise s2 is also the same top that fits the exige 350s? I’ve been told my car was fitted with one (in the past) during the work I had carried out in my last service. Wondering if I can pick one up used, rather than pay dealership prices. Any advice would be appreciated 👍🏻

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