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  1. RS2Ken

    Battery discharging and engine misfire.

    Thanks again for the help. I'll carry out the checks over the weekend. I started and drove the car to work today without issue. A friend from a nearby garage plugged into the car to read for any faults and none were registered. Quite happy about that but it also leaves a little bit of uncertainty as to wether the fault will re occur. Took the car for a good run after work and all was ok... no issues at any revs.. pulled like a train.... I'm hoping that's it.... but I hate intermittent faults.
  2. RS2Ken

    Battery discharging and engine misfire.

    Thanks again Timbo.
  3. RS2Ken

    Battery discharging and engine misfire.

    Thanks Timbo.... could the hot electrical smell be the Alternator then..? also would it cause the car to stall and misfire afterwards..? I'll try what you suggest. Hopefully it is just the battery on its way out... its just in its warranty too so could be a timely fault. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi all, Well after over 5 years of trouble free motoring my S2 Elise Sportsracer seems to have developed a fault. Initially I have noticed that if the car is not used for greater than 3 days the battery goes flat requiring recharging. I trickle charged it overnight last night and used the car this morning without issue as she started first time. My commute to work is only a couple of mile, but on arrival I thought I could smell something like a hot electrical component as if it were burning. I checked all I could but could find no issues. At the end of my working day, I again started the car with no issues. I left the car on tickover for a few minutes while talking to one of the cars admirers at work :-) Once ready to set off, the car stalled and took a while to restart. On trying to drive off again the car developed a small misfire but kept running but always felt like it was going to stall again. I managed to get home and again had a look in and around the engine for anything obvious but could find nothing wrong. The only test I have carried out so far is to check that the battery is receiving a charge while the engine is running which it is. Has anyone had a similar fault or can anyone point me in the right direction to get the car running sweet again please. Any help or advise is gratefully received.

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