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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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Uprated Toe Links



One of the things that I did not get round to was the replacement of the original toe links. After doing some research, there seem to be a general consensus that with the added power and on-track activities, it is advisable to upgrade the OEM toe links.


Having said that, perhaps if your car is only used for the road and they toe links are in good shape, I personally do not see why there would be a need to have them changed. As it happens, mine were completely shot to bits!


If you look carefully on this one, you can see that the main bar is definitely bent...




And this one seems to have had some pretty strong mole grips on it at some point that ended up denting the bar. If you look carefully, the centre of the toe link bar is definitely 'pinched' in such a way that it has created a weak point.




Given the above, it would be suicidal not to change them at this point.




There are currently various options available in the market, the main ones being, Elise Parts, Elise Shop, Spitfire Engineering (not sure whether or not these are the ones being sold at Elise Shop) and now Nitrons. They all vary in price, design, structure and I guess to certain extent, quality. Doing my research, it was apparent that they are all well regarded and work as required and perhaps cost is the key decider.


So what did I go for? Well, none of the above :(


I am of the opinion that the more options we have in market, the better it is for us owners and introducing these options, it sometimes requires taking a chance. I am also a sucker for trying something new ;) For that reason, I decided to try the kit supplied by Hot Laps.


There has been all sorts of discussions on this kit, but to my mind I rather try them myself and decide from there. After placing my order with Elgan (a thoroughly nice chap at Hot Laps), the kit duly arrived. I must say, my first impression of the kit is that they are very well made and really feel like a quality product.




Some closer details...




In the end, I opted to have Hot-Laps install the toe links for me and after picking up my car during the week, it was duly return just a couple of days later, donning its new bits :D.








Unfortunately due to bad whether, I am yet to really try them, but for what I see, I am very impressed and happy with my purchase. I am told that there will be a number of upgrades coming up, but for now the offering is pretty good.


As for this particular job, I can call it job done!




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