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Lotus in the Peak
28th - 30th June 2024
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Coolant Hose Modification



Following the installation of the gear linkage system, it became apparent that the way I routed one of the hoses, was simply not going to work and in time would end up being an issue.


The hose I am referring to is the one running from the near side chassis, to the engine thermostat. The route I took, placed it in direct clash with the two gear linkage cables.


I must point out that speaking to other people who have installed this same kit, they do not seem to have had any issues. So this may just be due to my inexperience :D


Anyway, this is the clash I am referring to. As you can see from the photo, I had to run the two cables either side of the pipe and therefore 'pinching' it in the middle. This not only reduced the open radius of the pipe, but put undue stress on the two gear linkage cables.




First thing that I did was disconnect the pipe from the chassis outlet, pushed it back and rerouted it against the firewall.




Once in place, I then had to figure out a way of 'dog-legging' the pipe back into the chassis outlet.


I had several ideas, but the one I favoured the most was utilising one of the original Lotus hose that already had a little kink on it and cut it like this...




Once done, I then had to measure up from under the car, cut the pipe and by using a pipe connector and a couple of jubilee clips, joint the pipe to the modified original hose.


Then it was a matter of connecting the whole assembly to the chassis outlet and this is what I ended up with...







Now I am completely happy with this and I can formally call it job done! :(


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