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28th - 30th June 2024

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Mloc Revamp Details

Mark H


Some of the enhancements include:


New Features in Invision Power Board 2.2


Invision Power Board 2.2 contains a huge selection of new features ranging from low-end code improvements to new features designed to enhance your community involvement. New features include:


Personal Profile Portal

Invision Power Board 2.2.0 has a totally redesigned portal page with the following features:


* Friends list - manage your friends for easier PMing, to see if your friends are currently online and display your friends on your profile

* Profile comments - allow visitors to leave comments on your profile. You can set to moderate all new comments before they're shown.

* Recent visitors - recent visitors are shown on your profile.

* Your content - show your recent posts / blog entries / gallery uploads on your profile

* Personal statement - add a short bio for others to read

* Member rating - rate other members

* Set your gender

* Easy access to edit your location, age and IM details



Note that you can optionally switch back to the old "classic" profile view in the ACP.


New Text Editor

New Style

The text editors, both standard and rich text (WYSIWYG) have been completely rewritten to make them more intuitive and faster to load. Clutter has been reduced with the new dynamic menus.



You can now switch between the rich text editor and the standard editor without the need to reload the page or visit your User Control Panel.


New Attachment System

Upload without the reload

IPB 2.2 has a new attachment system that enables one to upload attachments without having to reload the post screen. The new attachment area is directly below the text editor.


New Style

The attachment system has had a complete overhaul and is now styled along side the new text editor


Monthly Directories

IPB now saves uploads in a monthly folder, making FTP directory listings much easier.



The new system is extensible via the attachments plug-in system. There is now one central attachments repository and plug in modules define space allowance and rendering options.


New Thumbnail Design

Attached image thumbnail previews now have information above and below the thumbnail offering original file size and original dimensions.


Inline message system

Invision Power Board has an on-the-fly message system to confirm actions taken place. This is an important new part to the user interface especially when using ajax when it's not always apparent that an action has taken place.


IP.Gallery Enhancements


IP.Gallery has been updated along with the IP.Board series with the following features:


* Updated to be compatible with IP.Board 2.2

* Exports into IPB's new profile system

* Ability to group albums in the "Member's Category" by username

* Support for Exif and IPTC meta data

* Ratings now use AJAX

* Added MPG, Flash, and AVI display codes into base release

* Added ability for user's to upload thumbnails with non-default file types (i.e. wmv, mpg, etc.)

* Member's Category is now managed like any other category, with one additional setting

* Complete redesign of image view page

* Fast reply available even when there are no existing comments

* Updated 'Forum' and 'Gallery' style layouts - general skin cleanup

* Signatures in comments updated to parse custom bbcode

* Proper category recursion - submitting images to albums and subcategories will now update the parent(s)

* Support for 'Category Markers' - image indicators to show if there are any new images

* Animated GIF issue corrected

* Ability not to delete images from current directory during bulk import from the ACP

* 'My Albums' link (ala My Blog) in IPB member bar

* Rewritten orphan scanner to mirror IPB's better

* Centralized processing to ensure settings are honored throughout the system

* Conversion to the IPB email class - better support for HTML, attachments, and other language sets

* Clicking an image now brings you to the image page, rather than the category page

* Last X comments page now supports pagination

* Removal of 5 image limit in search results (with pagination support)

* Ratings show total # of votes and your vote after you have rated an image

* Added a better wrapper on medium sized images to make it clearer you can click them for full sized images

* Proper breadcrumb support for albums in categories

* Setting to block guests from reporting images and comments

* Numerous bug fixes, code optimizations, and code centralization


IP.Blog Enhancements


IP.Blog has been updated along with the IP.Board series with the following features:


* Updated to be compatible with IP.Board 2.2

* Exports into IPB's new profile system

* Numerous internal bug fixes and enhancements

* A new IP.Blog release will be released soon after the 2.2 series with many new features.


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