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I have just spent 3 days with a very nice set of artists brushes, touch-up paint & lacquer sorting out the stone chips on my car in anticipation of an imminent application of VentureShield to protect the paintwork.Firstly, paint chips or scratches, in my 36 years of time on this planet cannot be "painted out", "taped over", or any number of names for the numerous services or applications on the market to disguise or repair the damage and have no mistake it is PERMANENT (unless a complete re-spray with adequete professional preparation is undertaken) can disguise. So there is only on way to deal with stone chips and thats not to get them in the first place. How is that possible on a Lotus Elise which is so low to the ground? VentureShield will stop them permanently.VentureShield is a plastic coating which can be applied to the paintwork in sheets to form a barrier between the car body & outside elements. This is not the same stuff which traditionally was applied to Elise rear wheel arches and goes yellow and has an orange peel effect. That is the 3M product that was designed for helicopter blades and not with cars in mind. The film is optically clear and is virtually invisible when applied to the car. It is so clear in fact that it can even be applied to the headlights and indicators.When I saw this product I was amazed at how clear it is when on the car and it also comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. I was that impressed that I contacted the company in the UK and became an official Installer of the product with my Elise being the first car I did following the training course.If you would like information about the product contact me on 0845 052 1241

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