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Touch-up Stick, Key & Carpet

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Took the Elise to Peter Smith Sports Cars this morning to get a new key as it had no spare when I had it delivered. The keys come from Lotus with the alarm sender attached so has to be configured to work with the alarm code as they obviously all need to de different. The alarm worked OK first time and after a quick trip to the local key cutters (keys come as blanks) & £1.50 later the key works in all locks & ignition. I can stop worrying everytime I close the boot now.The carpet had come away from the floor or rather the nut & bolt type affair that is stuck to the floor had come away so they stuck it back down with some of that black sticky stuff they seem to stick everything with. Trouble is as it take 24 hours for this stuff to "go off" I got in the car and pulled it up again straight away. I have pushed it back down but I would be surprised if it stays there so I will be looking for another solution soon I think.The touch-up stick matched very well and after a quick test on a couple of stone chips should disguise them very well. Once I have done a few coats on each chip I should be ready to lacquer them and get a VentureShield coating kit applied so I will not need to worry about them again.

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