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  1. Hi Paul,

    The standard kit as see at http://car-shine.co.uk/~carshine/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=22&products_id=182&osCsid=7255547d976b6c1b9c865c0b4660a3e5

    is £499.00 and the options kit is £ 150.00. We also charge for travel but with the MLOC discount pretty much disappears.

    I hop that answers your question but please call me if not.

  2. Hi, Lummo Said you do venture shielding what would i be looking at for the front clam and sill rear arch protectors on an S2. The car's just had a new clam and passenger sill so though i thought i'd look at protecting the new paint.



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  6. Elise in the summer Elise Coupe in the winter Loads of people have commented on how cool the car looks with the HT on so I wouldn't worry about anyone elses comments as IMO it looks better than with the soft top. Nothing beats no roof though
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